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Robert David Steele-Deep State Isolating Trump from We the People

from Greg Hunter:

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2 comments to Robert David Steele-Deep State Isolating Trump from We the People

  • Thomas

    Whether R.D. Steele is a voice for good or a deceptive operative for the deep state, I’m not sure yet, but he sure seems to have it in for Reince Priebus. Also, his “Nobel Prize” nomination sure seems a bit outlandish, if not just plain “big freakin’ deal”.

    For one thing, he doesn’t show up in the database search for nominations. Secondly, “Editor-in-Chief” Jan Kalvik of the Norway publication “Defence and intelligence Norway” said this:

    “I am not an accredited nominator – my recommendation, with the documentation at the end of this article, was made to an accredited nominator whose decision to nominate or not, shall remain secret in compliance with the procedures of the Nobel Foundation.”

    Wow. Some editor from a geopolitical website in Norway recommended to somebody else that they ought to nominate R.D. Steele for a Nobel prize. Just wow!

  • Ed_B

    Isolate Trump from We the People? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not happening, in spite of all the leftist whining, crying, and sniveling tantrums.

    To quote Barack Hussein Obama / Soetoro / etc., “Elections have consequences. I won. Get over it.”

    Hmmm, it seems that the Obamunists are FAR better at giving advice than taking it.

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