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#PIZZAGATE – VOAT Pizzagate Thread Compromised Beyond Repair. Secure Site Being Established

from Victurus Libertas VL:

#Vault7 Many have noticed that the VOAT Pizzagate thread has been compromised beyond repair. A new secure sight, invitation only site is being created as we speak. There are many talented people on Voat that have spent hours doing an amazing job. It has not been overlooked. You will be contacted to see if you are interested in the new endeavor. #Vault7

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1 comment to #PIZZAGATE – VOAT Pizzagate Thread Compromised Beyond Repair. Secure Site Being Established

  • gardener12

    Voat compromised really? You mean all of the disgruntled illiterate redditors who migrated to a reddit copycat website which can’t even keep itself online half the time?

    Been there seen it, Voat is a piece of shit.

    Count me in on not joining your new Voat exodus site on which you can’t give any information.

    If the Voaters are so keen on being open and inclusive and freedom-of-speech, why was this video so secretive? Why did the narrator repeatedly state he wasn’t at liberty to release more information as to why Voat was compromised, and could not give any indicative information about where the poor exodus Voaters would be directed to? In other words, the narrator communicated exactly ZERO information about anything.

    Voat is not a substitute for the old reddit from yore. Voat is sinking under the weight of of r/conspiracy fringers whose various hate subreddits have been quashed, who can’t ever find a legitimate source to back up their accusations, and have driven casual users (i.e regular eyeballs) from Voat entirely.

    Voat is a shithole of shallow thinkers willing to believe almost anything without a shred of proof and are going to drive the entire website into the ground with their unfounded half-cracked conspiracies.

    I’m sure the Swedish guy who owns/runs Voat thanks you all for wrecking his website.

    (And no fkwit, I’m not a shill. I’m just another redditor who was looking for another website which served the same purpose as reddit, but without the same institutionalized censorship. Thanks for ruining Voat for for everybody.)

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