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PAEDO RING RAIDED: Dramatic moment Swedish cops crash through windows to bust PEDO RING

from The Sun:

DRAMATIC footage shows armed cops smashing through a second-floor window during a raid on a dangerous paedophile ring.

Filmed in Sweden, local media reports that the sinister gang were allegedly planning to kidnap a refugee child and imprison the tot in a soundproofed room.

A 58-year-old man was arrested following the raid after officers used a ladder to break in through an upstairs window at his home at around 2am. Six more men were arrested in connection with the sick paedo ring this week.

Investigators uncovered the depraved group after tapping the phones of the suspects.

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2 comments to PAEDO RING RAIDED: Dramatic moment Swedish cops crash through windows to bust PEDO RING

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I know of the world’s LARGEST PEDO-RING, and they are operating in PLAIN SIGHT, and they even support their stuff on videos published openly declaring it’s “OK to ‘marry’ and have sex with little children, even to the age of less than a month old baby”.

    This pedo ring has a famous name. It’s called “ISLAM”. They have a pedo-prophet (Mohammad) who “Married” his favorite victim (wife) named Ayisha (or Ayeesha) when she was only SIX years old.

    This big PEDO ring has groups and buildings all over the world (they call these places “Mosques”.

    Go get em. Dismantle their entire structure. Ban their PEDO BOOKS (Haddiths & Koran).

    • mike

      Craig- Already been through all of that to no avail. People are stuck and completely stop looking into any deeper than Illuminati. It’s a safe conspiracy for them, no hard evidence required just speculation based on little information. They dont want the real truth.
      All the Hostel 2 references about a person hung upside down and gutted etc. There are real videos in 1040HD you can watch all day long of that exact same thing..Illuminati joke conspiracy, zero evidence only speculation..Islam VARY REAL.
      I understand it’s difficult hosting a conspiracy fake news site when reality is just a mouse click away.
      They are gate keepers of Illuminati ignorance here, dont believe look how I was attacked for saying essentially the same thing.

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