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NWO Illuminati Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/17

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Various examples of insanity being celebrated as “art”, the “gender revolution” and, of course, the One-Eye sign is still everywhere.

Pictured: A mural depicts gutted body hanging upside down with blood seeping out. In the end, this “art” is a symptom of the toxic mindstate that permeates society.

“afro-feminist fantasist”. According to The Guardian, the group explores “challenges the struggle faced by black women in Brazil through theatrical and provocative art”. The actual message of some of these pictures is actually much more aggressive. The images portray “empowerment” through hate and even violence. In this picture, a man, who apparently was savagely beaten to death, is hung on a wall like a hunting trophy. So inspiring.

“feminism”? Isn’t it about equality? Why has it become about all-out hatred? There are dozens of other pics that could be posted here but you probably get it by now. What would have been the reception of is the roles were reversed? Outrage.

In this pic, a young black girl stabs a Ken doll. This is the opposite of empowerment, it is about radicalizing and infusing with hatred groups of people.

In another example of horrific abuse being presented as “art”, two deeply disturbing murals appeared overnight in Brussels. This one depicts a young boy held down by a man holding a knife. It is inspired by the painting “The There is something deeply wrong with our society if this is deemed “art” that is OK to display in the streets.

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