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New Cold War with a Different Enemy

from BATR:

As all the alarm bells ring continuously that the Russian Federation is the cause for the latest cold war, the actual risk for a hot conflict or an intentional brinkmanship of worldwide proportions should focus on the real enemy of humanity. The Brexit campaign was about more than just leaving the European Union. Likewise, the Trump movement is about a great deal more than just keeping Hillary Clinton from the oval office. Formerly the nation-state was the organizational format for government. Europe emerged from the dark ages to carve out kingships and spend centuries of warring with mostly bloodline relatives. When the bonds of feudalism loosened and economic advancement expanded the enlightenment of human thinking altered the political landscape. Notions of democratic principles germinated into ushering aside Kaisers, Czars and Kings. The popular vote in a strange ritual came to be known as an election, was culturally adopted as registering the popular will of the people.

Oh, what a charming fairy tale, if only folks could really live happily ever after.

What is missing from this Grimm’s’ fable is that the planet has never been ruled by benevolent government. Often the officials that administer the institutions of the state are not the real power. If you have the intellectual courage to face the way the world actually operates, clear your mind from all the false narratives that want people to accept that there are good political regimes that need to prevail against oppressive authorities.

Indeed, this game does not fly. At the root of the never-ending conflict that has enslaved mankind from the days when Cain killed Abel, the forces or coercion has dominated political affairs. At last, excuses of blindness do not apply. The lines between complete world subjugation and a reprieve from the edge of insanity have presented itself.

The Economic Nationalism: Alternative to Globalism makes the following point, “Globalism is on the precipice of a world-wide implosion. The danger is not just a planetary economic depression, but an intentional political crisis that will demand even more control and loss of access to meaningful commerce.”

Money in whatever form that can be manipulated best runs the skids of collectivist control for all the naïve populations that delude themselves into accepting this totalitarian paradigm. In spite of this, ordinary oppressed citizens can advance the collapse of the unambiguous controllers for this incessant dialect for unending war fever.

The once secretive elites of financial domination want people to believe they are so confident in their power command that they can go public with their announced plan to kill the populist dragon. Actually, they are desperate to keep a lid on their cryptic matrix, because the truth be told, only a destructive global war can save their financial house of cards.

With all the press from the beautiful people gathering at the World Economic Forum in Davos you get the opposite side of the blue blood Bilderberg coin from the counterfeit mega-rich. So when Reuters reports that the World’s eight richest as wealthy as half humanity, Oxfam tells Davos, just ask; how did they accumulate all this absurdly disproportionate disparity?

Hey, in the age of digital technology, the art of price fixing and monopoly preeminence has allowed the alchemy moneychangers to literally print their immense return even quicker than compound interest. When currency and equity transactions can generate ill-gotten gains for the privileged of all elites you know that the Rothschild architecture for financial captivity has done very, very well.

Remember all the financial institutions for bankster management of the billions of serfs; reside in their World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Central Banks and the Bank of International Settlement. In layman’s terms this is the heart of the New World Order. This system of autocratic domination forms the marrow of the established international community. People are expendable, but their interlocking of mutual authoritarian interests must prevail.

So it comes as no surprise that In Davos, Xi makes case for Chinese leadership role: “In the first appearance by a Chinese leader at the annual meeting of political leaders, CEOs and bankers in the Swiss Alps, Xi also cautioned other countries against blindly pursuing their national interests, in an apparent reference to the “America first” policies of Donald Trump.”

China has always been the darling of the globalists. The entire Free Trade swindle was maximized under the Red Chinese Communists. It is the preferred model upon which national independence can be exterminated.

Back in the U.S.A., the parasites within government are working overtime to retain their influence as the Trump administration starts taking their turn at taming the establishment bureaucracy. With the appointment of seasoned Wall Street insiders, the prospect of reinventing the monetary system is doubtful.

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