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My God, What Has Happened to People?

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:


I’m roaming right now, and what I see is, well, disturbing.

Man came from ape, right? Sort of, anyway — whether you think God did it or Darwin was responsible, the path is mostly the same. We argue agency, not outcome.

But what the hell has happened to people in the last 50ish years?

People of WalMart is supposed to be a spoof. It’s not.

People I knew who I haven’t seen in 20, 30 years — my God what happened to you?

I find old pictures, and gaze at them. We all get older, we get some lines to our faces, our hair is more-gray, and similar. But gee, is that it? No. And both you and I know it. And that’s just the physical side of things.

We have a divided nation. Half wants to kill the other half. More than a few actually mean it; it’s not a metaphor, it’s a desire.

“Let it go”? You can’t be serious.

If the change comes slowly among those you hang out with you don’t really recognize it. If you walk into a scene you haven’t been in for the last 20 years and see the change “all at once”…. well….

“I need a drink — or six — now” was my initial thought.

The next thought? Sell everything, buy some land away from all this crap, put up a block house, get some chickens and goats and **** it all.


What the hell has this nation turned into? It may have happened more or less slowly, but it’s happened. Yes, there are normal people left. But how many? In big cities, where the population is centered? Good luck.

You may know that there’s a “dystopian” video floating around out there that basically says that the big cities turning into literal hell is not fiction, but inevitable. It’s a government video. I would poo-poo it except…. I’m seeing it right now.

Oh my.

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