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McCain Fingered as Trump Leaker

from The Daily Bell:

White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone … This could be the beginning of the end for embattled Sen. John McCain’s life in politics. – True Pundit

Just the other day we wrote an article about John McCain and how he was trying to undermine President Donald Trump.

We suggested that if Trump could do something to rein in McCain that would be a net positive because McCain was being so destructive, not just to Trump but to the country generally.

McCaine tends to concentrate on areas that make him a male form of Hillary Clinton. Like Hillary he badly wants a war or vastly escalated tensions with Russia. He wants to stitch Ukraine firmly to Europe and wants to strip Russia of Crimea as well.

One reason McCain is so focused on international policy is because that’s where the wars are. For last 75 years, and even before that, America has been turned into a kind of beast of burden for international banking. It’s been made to shoulder numerous wars that were stalemated at best.

Gradually America is bleeding to death from these wars at the same time as China in particular has been raised up. McCain’s preoccupation is more with tearing America down. But meanwhile China is gaining in power and prestige.

The plan is to leave America behind, a shell of what it once was and transfer a lot more globalist involvement to China. This is the way you continue to build up globalist activity, which is what this group is after.

It’s not just China. The BRICs generally are being built up, including India, which is well down the road to a cashless society. Only Russia is being excised, presumably to make it a continued enemy of the US, as US needs at least one formidable enemy on which to expend blood and treasure.

At least some officials think the senator listened to some of Trump’s telephone conversations, including one with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They say, reportedly that McCain is giving information on these conversations to mainstream media journos and other to injure Trump and even set him up for impeachment.

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2 comments to McCain Fingered as Trump Leaker

  • Ed_B

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham act like butt buddies. Neither of them has any interest in America or improving it. All that interests them is what they can get out of it. Both are Republicans In Name Only… RINOS. These guys need to be seriously challenged in the next primary and defeated. That is, IF they can avoid prison between now and then.

  • jerry

    I find it hard to believe no ones been arrested, all we hear are investigations going nowhere and its damn frustrating. The longer this plays out the more I think Trump could be part of this divide and conquer scheme and a trojan horse to buy the globalist time to fully enact an agenda to bring in their NWO. I have been riding this TRUMP TRAIN for all its worth , Im done Until some one is charged, not convicted just indicted, Im not buying into this shit anymore is a F%#*ng pipe dream for me right now. The news is nothing but causing me to loose sleep and frustrates me to no end, what a f*&#)k n ride its been . Too F&$^# n old for this crap and know better , and whats worse is that I cant unlearn all this garbage I have been fed since 2001, and its my own damn fault . How sweet it could be being a brain washed sheeple minding my own business of course. The Architects of control have us right where they want us because all i would care to do now is go back to sleep.

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