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Massive Heat Under Yellowstone/NOT MAGMA!

from BPEarthWatch:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Wow! That’s very interesting, and if it is accurate, then it truly would be strange and probably catastrophic.

    Basically “molten-coal”. It’s “pre-ignited”, but under pressure and without oxygen it is not burning, but when it hits the surface and is exposed to oxygen… WHAMMO-BLAMMO.

    In some ways, it makes sense when you consider earth’s coal deposits are some pretty big “coal fields”. It really would “gas us out” with carbon dioxide and reduction of available oxygen for breathing!

    I don’t recall any “Web bots” hits about this, do you?

    We are certainly long overdue for a Yellowstone eruption.

    When you consider that the world gets most of it’s oxygen from algae that lives in the oceans (and the Pacific is being killed by Fukushima)… connect those dots and it’s not a nice picture.

    And that oxygen comes as a by-product of photosynthesis. If we end up with a dark earth for just a couple of weeks, it would kill most living plants (and algae) that need sunlight to live and to produce our oxygen.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. Be well.

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