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Mark Levin just served up a brutal BEATDOWN to the ‘hate America first’ Democrat Party

by Phil Shiver, Conservative Review:

“The ‘hate America first’ party — the Democrat Party — has exposed itself yet again,” blasted Mark Levin out-of-the-gate on his radio show Monday, speaking about the absolute meltdown that has ensued following Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration over the weekend.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY (F, 2%) cried (maybe), Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (F, 18%) screeched (as usual), and Hollywood again yelled angry artsy things about Donald Trump to make each other feel better as the world laughed.

The supposedly destructive order was essentially this: A temporary 4-month immigration moratorium on seven dangerous terrorist-prone countries until proper vetting procedures can be adopted. Read more here: Separating fact from sickening media fiction on Trump’s Immigration Executive Order.

Well, Levin had a message for the Leftists who “hate America”: “Let’s start from the beginning so that I can unravel all of this and then ram it down their throats. So, what’s the purpose of immigration…”

And that was just the beginning. Seriously, this clip is worth a full listen.

Apparently now Leftists actually believe that “vetting immigrants to make sure they will assimilate into our culture is un-American!” Levin said. And sadly, some establishment Republicans have given credence to their claim by raising opposition to the Immigration order themselves.

Don’t worry, Levin names names.

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