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Land Of The “Free”: More US-Born Americans Detained At Border, Asked For “Papers Please” As “Liberty Lovers” Call For An Even Bigger Police State

by Melissa Dykes, Activist Post:

The most confounding development since Donald Trump took office is the mounting number of people basically begging for a bigger police state than we already have here in America … but more on that in a moment.

Stories are coming out of all corners of the U.S. with much more frequency in recent months about people being “stopped and frisked” without any probable cause whatsoever, American-born citizens being detained for hours at the border for seemingly no reason at all (unless profiling based on nothing more than a foreign-sounding name is now legal “probable cause”), and ICE has increased random “stings” in cities nationwide where people are just rounded up and detained in large groups to check everyone’s papers … please (except for the “please” part).

Cases in point include an American female Olympian who happens to be Muslim with a Muslim name who was detained for two hours at the border without any reason given. Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad won a bronze medal during the 2016 Olympics. She also “won” the honor of being detained for an extreme vetting session based on…?

Come on. We all know what it was based on.

For those wondering, despite mainstream media reports, this woman was actually detained right at the end of Obama’s final term before Trump was sworn in.

Another recent case involved a US-born NASA scientist who went to South America for a couple of weeks to race solar-powered cars. He left while Obama was still president and returned under Trump’s America. The man was detained and forced to unlock his smart phone for border patrol agents before they would let him back into the country … again, seemingly based on nothing other than his last name, as the agents did not even bother to look Sidd Bikkannavar up in the system to find out he was born here and has worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab for a decade.

Meanwhile, on the streets, a naturalized US citizen from India named Aravinda Pillalamarri who has lived here for 30 years now was simply out for a walk in late January steps from her home in her town of Bel Air, Maryland (which is, just by the way, 90% Caucasian) when she was stopped by police who demanded an ID because of a “suspicious person” call. Not legally defined probable cause, mind you, and there is no law requiring anyone to show ID to police while out walking when they are not suspected of an actual crime.

The comments on these kinds of stories on The Free Thought Project website are horrifying in my opinion.

It’s everything from things like this:

To this:

Idiotic blind obedience to authority aside, were you aware we live in a country where a person cannot even go for a walk without being detained and forced to show “papers please”? Well it’s happening with increasingly frequency in recent months to the point that we might as well not even have a Fourth Amendment anymore.

While the Olympic medalist believes she was detained for no other reason than having a Muslim name, I know I’ve personally been detained at the border and grilled and had every personal item in my car right down to my dirty under (it was a road trip) riffled through by a border agent with an obvious attitude problem who apparently just wanted to make our day hell because he had no reason to suspect us or any probable cause whatsoever and he treated us like total criminals anyway just for trying to come back into our own country after spending three days in Canada.

I’ve since been told we were probably flagged in the system because we’re activists with the alternative media, but somehow I bet he just treats the majority of people that way because that is the level of tyrannical police state we are at in this country.

Here’s what is making it worse to the point of intolerable, though.

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3 comments to Land Of The “Free”: More US-Born Americans Detained At Border, Asked For “Papers Please” As “Liberty Lovers” Call For An Even Bigger Police State

  • Ed_B

    Whenever some idiot asks us for “papers” we need to hand them one of those shirt-pocket sized copies of the U.S. Constitution and say, “Here are my papers”.


    We are a country of laws and without police nobody will follow the laws.
    I agree the police should be held accountable and follow the constitution but they should also be able to do their jobs.
    If you want a nation like the founders intended with no paperwork then we have to also get rid of all welfare and social programs,the IRS as well as licenses and id’s.
    That is delusional thinking and that is never going to happen.
    As long as we have a taxation / welfare state then people are going to have to except all the baggage that comes with it.

  • gardener1

    We (American) came back to the US from south America a couple of weeks ago through LAX and found it to be a snap.

    – Literally, immigration/passport control took us all of ten minutes. No body scanner – at all –

    Which is not to say that the overlords are not lurking in the wings somewhere, but our outbound from the USA and return trip from south America was a breeze.

    Oh wait…. we had zero electronic devices with us, just an old camera, and…. no drugs.

    Beware of some of the fear mongers.

    (No, I am not a troll. I am a real regular person who went from the USA to S.A and/return last month).

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