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Keiser Report: Trump Implosion That Wasn’t

from RT:

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4 comments to Keiser Report: Trump Implosion That Wasn’t

  • Don

    Kaiser you’re a Fukin tool you always have been!!

    • anon

      At 4:45 into the video Max (Khazar) talks about WHITE RACISM, but doesn’t (of course) mention “Jew”-ish RACISM, or Black racism, or any other tribal group’s racism toward WHITE (non-“Jew”-ish) people, because this is where the “Jews” have brought us in America, today. ACCORDING TO THE ASHKENAZI-KHAZARS, ONLY (non-“Jew”-ish) WHITES are “racist”, which is complete bullshit. And, if enough Americans don’t get savvy, and very quickly to the “JQ” (“Jew”-ish Question), and to “Jew”-ish control (right now) over EVERY INSTITUTION in the Western Hemisphere ~ we might as well forget about any kind of future in America.

      C’mon folks ~ “Jews” are 2.2% of the American population, and yet control what you can and can’t say, via their political correctness? How ridiculous. Blacks make up about 13% of the population? The REAL threat to Americans comes from “Jew”-ish SUPREMACISM, and their control over every aspect of life in America. But, it ALSO comes from America’s southern border with Mexico, as Hispanics/Latinos represent a larger percentage of the “American” population.

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