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Keiser Report: Breakdown in Liberal Ideology (E1038)

from RT:

Max and Stacy discuss Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plunging and college endowments losing billions to hedge funds. Max interviews former banker Michael Krieger of about how the breakdown in liberal ideology gave us Trump.

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3 comments to Keiser Report: Breakdown in Liberal Ideology (E1038)

  • anon

    Liberal ideology = Ignorami who know NOTHING about Economics, or Economic History, and how the SAME “CAPITALISTS” (or CRONY-CAPITALISTS = “CRAP-ITALISTS”) on Wall Street ~ Rothschild-agents, like the Rockefellers, are the ones who fund them, and their “causes”, because “Liberal ideology” is just how the Western “elites” control those who don’t think, but just conform and do what they’re told ~ those who “believe” what someone like SHILL-ary tells them, without ACTUALLY thinking about any of it.

    True Conservatives, on the other hand, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON, because a TRUE CONSERVATIVE has studied Economics and Economic History, enough to KNOW how everyone is being PLAYED by the “elites”. END THE ‘FED’.

  • Millicent

    “PLAYED” I have been telling Eric that for some time now…

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