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Keiser Report: Banks appeased, crocodiles feasting

from RT:

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1 comment to Keiser Report: Banks appeased, crocodiles feasting

  • anon

    I like Max Keiser as a Media personality. I like his stance with regard to the CORRUPTION in the Western Financial System, generally, and the need for JUSTICE, and the RULE OF LAW, as it pertains to said CORRUPTION. I don’t think “heads” necessarily need to “roll”, but, there are A LOT of Western BANKERS walking around, who SHOULD BE IN JAIL, at a minimum. I don’t think VIOLENCE (such as guillotine be-headings) is NECESSARILY the answer to Western BANKING CORRUPTION. However, IF this type of punishment WERE enacted, or guaranteed to result from further corruption, I would wager that future CORRUPTION in the Western Financial system would decrease dramatically.

    It would be INTERESTING to see how Max Keiser would act, and vote, as a U.S. Senator.
    My only concern is that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” ~ so, I would be a bit concerned about what types of backroom “deals” a Senator Keiser might participate in. IF Max Keiser’s actual real life personality is 100% a reflection of his media personality ~ then, I would simply suggest to Max, the need for the re-establishment of the RULE OF LAW, which will ONLY come about, when the American people re-take their government, from the CRIMINALS (in the ‘District’ of Criminals) who are currently in the back-pocket of the so-called “Military-Industrial Complex” ~ BANKS + OIL COMPANIES + WEAPONS MANUFACTURERS + CIA/PENTAGRAM (+ NSA + MI6, GCHQ + MOSSAD).

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