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Is the Agenda a New Civil War?

from Truthstream Media:

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1 comment to Is the Agenda a New Civil War?

  • AgShaman

    I think Melissa is missing the big picture here.

    The real reason people need to embrace chaos is because the parasites that are playing us all have figured out how to manipulate either scenerio going forward. The snowflakes are being funded by these bank-stars…and they are truly sub-human by virtue of their lack of reason and willingness to “sell-out” their fellow soylents for cheap. They are the new “bull-sheviks”…and they are fine with it. To not recognize this is to wait in your rooms as quiet mice, like Alexander’s lesson…it follows with the gulag or something worse.

    The Ron Paul movement she cites represents that “PSR” moment…whereby rational people could have turned it around and taken the path of sanity. Problem is…there weren’t enough rational people to critically think about the situation and parry the globalists to avoid getting co-opted. This is a byproduct of our collective lack of education and the inability of the critical thinkers to bring sense and reason to the co-opted group thinkers.

    The various factions that are battling currently “have the advantage” because they know something about which few soylents know. There is always another motive for what they do and it has to do with the real history of this planet and who we are. The countries Gen. Wesley Clark spilled the beans about, regarding the Neocon targets, have much more than they are telling the serfs. These oligarchs do not only target full spectrum domination to garner the oil and resources of these countries. They don’t just want to steal their gold. Why do you think the national treasures and museums are always sacked when these countries are destroyed? They contain ancient treasures, technologies, codices, manuscripts, and texts that explain the true histories of our planet and the whereabouts of where more of these treasures could be hidden.

    Many of the movies cited by C E D, Eric, and the others on that other thread are Hollywood’s “cyphered” representations of our planet’s and people’s real history. The “Black Goo” you see in many movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Prometheus is a reference to “Project Kronos” and the Cult of Saturn that these parasites have adopted as their religion. It is a reference to those ancient technologies that these Breakaway’s are scrambling to find and reverse engineer for themselves in order to maintain control and claim the planet as their property. This is the technology the Nazis were working on with their “Bell” project. It’s field propulsion, gravity manipulators, and time machines all coming from the same technologies….and they don’t mean to share it with the soylents…hence the necessary need for “Chaos”.

    Sorry Melissa, chaos has been preordained and is as they say, “baked in the cake” already. The peoples of the 3 Yahwehisms cannot think outside their special “books” to see how they are being played. The time for reason is over. Natural law and the rule that comes with it has been suspended. The bank-stars, technocrats, and oligarchs will keep looting the planet and using that loot to manipulate their minions and divide the soylents as they see fit. There are not enough voices born of ink and rage to wake them from their programming.

    Chaos is most likely coming….prepare accordingly

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