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Iran Defies President Trump And He Must Act And Stop Talking Now

from The Doctor Of Common Sense:

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6 comments to Iran Defies President Trump And He Must Act And Stop Talking Now

  • Bob

    Great idea. Start another war in the Middle East. Millions more dead; millions more refugees swarming Europe and North America; trillions more dollars down the sewer. Where’s the common sense? It’s none of America’s business if an independent country tests a missile. Imagine the outrage if any other country were to insist the Americans stop testing their missiles. Might be enough to start still another war.

    • AgShaman

      I agree. This is chicken hawk nonsense. I thought the “resolution” had to do with nuclear missiles and not the “regular” variant that countries use to protect themselves against warmongering zionists. Iran has pop guns compared to what Isra-hell has in their arsenal. If Trump starts a war with Iran…you will know he was a PNAC neocon shill all along….draped in merino.

    • wauhoo

      Right. Leave Iran alone. They have not attacked anybody in over 200 years. Leave them alone!

  • d

    we can not handle a ‘small’ country..lebanon,sryria,cuba,afganistan….IRAN is a very LARGE country……the only way for a US victory is to round up ALL the Trump protesters and let them protest on the streets of Iranian cities….Victory then would be assured….or at least a draw….and both countries might be better off……imho

  • Millicent

    JFK…Bay of Pigs. Don’t fall for the bait Mr. Trump.

  • wauhoo

    This March Iran is going off the dollar, just as Iraq did and just as Libya did. That is why the anti-Iran rhetoric is ramping up. Iran is not a pushover and they have powerful buddies in Russia and China. Plus the Persians are wonderful people with a long, long history. Leave them alone.

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