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In Israel’s Pocket, Huh? Trump Tells Netanyahu, No New Settlements

from Zero Hedge:

Having expressed strong support for Israel during his campaign and Obama’s lame-duck session, it appears President Trump is shifting gears rather markedly.

In a statement issued tonight, The White House commented that “the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal.”

Statement by the Press Secretary

“The American desire for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians has remained unchanged for 50 years.


While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal.


As the President has expressed many times, he hopes to achieve peace throughout the Middle East region.


The Trump administration has not taken an official position on settlement activity and looks forward to continuing discussions, including with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he visits with President Trump later this month.”

The New York Times reports: The White House noted that the president “has not taken an official position on settlement activity,” but said Mr. Trump would discuss the issue with Mr. Netanyahu when they meet Feb. 15,in effect telling him to wait until then.

Emboldened by Mr. Trump’s support, Israel had announced more than 5,000 new homes in the West Bank since his Jan. 20 inauguration.


The statement resembled those issued routinely by previous administrations of both parties for decades, but Mr. Trump has positioned himself as an unabashed ally of Israel and until now had never questioned Mr. Netanyahu’s approach. Mr. Trump picked as his ambassador to Israel a financial supporter of West Bank settlement, and he harshly criticized former President Barack Obama in December for not blocking a United Nations resolution condemning settlements.

Mr. Netanyahu vowed earlier on Thursday to continue settlement construction in the West Bank while attending a memorial service marking fourth anniversary of the death of Ron Nachman, a founder and longtime mayor of the settlement of Ariel.

“There are perhaps 20,000 residents here today and I promise you: there will be many more,” Mr. Netanyahu said. “Just recently the government I head approved another 1,000 units, which means 5,000 people, and means significant growth. There is no way that Ariel will not be part of the state of Israel – it will always be part of the state of Israel.”

With the Trump administration putting the brakes on the embassy move also, all eyes and ears will now be on that mid-feb meeting between the two leaders.

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8 comments to In Israel’s Pocket, Huh? Trump Tells Netanyahu, No New Settlements

  • i1

    Total antitribe comment section got this scrubbed from zio-hedgw.

  • anon

    “In Israel’s Pocket, Huh? Trump Tells Netanyahu, No New Settlements”?

    Ever heard of PR (Public Relations)? THAT is what this is. Trump KNOWS that RACIST-APARTHEID ROTHSCHILD-ISRAEL (est. 1948, in sunny, historic PALESTINE) and its actions toward PALESTINIANS is not supported by the otherwise LIB-TARD LEFT.

    So, while Trump telling Nut-n-yahoo “No new settlements” may appear to make Trump the one in charge ~ Nut-n-yahoo is backed by the Western “elite” “Jew”-ish Financiers, like Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs, etc., who even Trump ultimately answers to.

    Look at how Trump is now telling ~ Iran ~ how it is going to be. All for GREATER (ROTHSCHILD-) ISRAEL. AND THE “JEW” WORLD ORDER MARCHES ON.

  • anon

    Trump adopts aggressive posture toward Iran after missile launch

    Reuters and Associated Press (AP) are BOTH owned by Rothschilds.

  • anon


    ‘The Nations will exhort to tranquility. They will be ready to sacrifice everything for peace, but WE WILL NOT GIVE THEM PEACE until they openly acknowledge our International Super-Government, and with SUBMISSIVENESS.'(Zionist Congress at Basle in 1897)”

    Read more:

  • anon

    This was an interesting read:

    Netanyahu Proves Israel Is Corrupt To Its Rotten Core

    Quote from the article:

    “If past experience is any measure, Netanyahu will try to turn public opinion his way by increasing friction with the Palestinians and exploiting the international arena, especially his relations with the Trump administration. He may be expected to encourage Trump at the very least to posture more stridently against Iran.”

  • anon

    Also of interest:

    Netanyahu invited to meet May at Downing St amid tensions over Israel’s illegal settlements

  • anon


    How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump

    Quotes from the article/post, above:

    “In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities.”

    “On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.”

    “After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980’s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.”

  • anon

    In other words, it’s doubtful Donald Trump will END THE “FED”.



    h/t (Michael Rivero)

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