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  • KRELL427

    Very disturbing video, can only imagine what has gone on at Cibola Creek Ranch where Scalia was found dead.
    Or at the Kimball- Cherokee Castle in Sedalia Colorado.

    • Ed_B


      Yeah, no kidding. That entire Scalia affair stunk to high heaven. The list of “coincidences” in that were long and not at all believable.

      As to the video, I did not watch it. Some things are just too gross to be viewed and once seen cannot ever be un-seen. Better to catch the gist of it from the comments than to see that which should not be seen.

      As to the creeps who harm children in despicable ways… even Hell seems to good for ’em. 🙁

  • Antony

    Hey Sean, great work on pizzagate and your continued exposition on this evil. Truly a disturbing video, but the truth must come forth! There is an angry feeling that rises inside me…maybe the righteousness of God Himself…when wicked people do not turn from their evil ways, there is a time to kill. The bible says to pray for your enemies, and I wish no harm to anyone…but this is something different, in this case I feel no remorse for these people and the evil that has been perpetrated . I feel like they must utterly be destroyed. I am not a violent person, but something says to me, this must not stand and it must be destroyed! I pray for your protection and anyone else that exposes this wicked evil. May the truth continue to come forth and may this evil be vaporized! God help us all. My thoughts…

    • SGT

      Thanks for the note Antony, it’s our desire for justice that fills us with rage over these abominations. And it is the LIGHT OF TRUTH that will destroy these people, they are truly vampiric and fear the LIGHT of truth. That’s why they are in a panic. They KNOW if the general public figures out exactly who they are and what they’ve been up to, there will be no where to hide.

      • You’ve done great work on this particular subject, Sean, but I can’t help but feel your enthusiasm for justice via a Trump administration is misplaced. I’d love to see these criminals ransacked and caged as much as the next guy, but how on Earth can the pedo cabal be touched when there’s men like Rex Tillerson in the White House?

        And why, oh why, do the well-meaning individuals in alt-media ignore blatant connections between men like Tillerson and confirmed kid-diddler/former House Speaker Dennis Hastert?

        Either there’s a double-agent game extraordinaire going on at a level none of us will ever have access enough to comprehend or there’s about to be a lot of very disappointed people in woo-woo world…

    • Ed_B


      Could not agree more with your comments.

      Even God Himself had enough of evil like this. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah shows that.

      These “people” need to be nuked… as in obliterated from the Earth entirely. No prisoners.

      Yes, I forgive their souls for their sins but their asses ARE ours to punish as we see fit and their actions demand. Even though I have a very vivid and creative imagination, I cannot imagine a punishment that is severe enough for such as these.

      • Didn’t Lot also offer his underage daughters to the homosexuals of Sodom as a form of “repentance”? Might not be the best Biblical reference vis-a-vis pedophilia, Ed…

        • Ed_B

          Maybe not, Rusty, but that was not the part of S & G to which I was referring. I was referring to God giving up on the irredeemable and destroying them utterly for their grievous sins and complete lack of repentance.

          In those days, daughters were pretty much valued as one would camels or donkeys… live-stock to be traded for some benefit or other. Today, fathers who love their daughters would fight to the death to protect them from perverts and others seeking to harm them. Those of us who would do that see it as a sacred trust that those whom we love be protected, regardless of the price we must pay to ensure it.

          Personally, I find MUCH of the Old Testament to show truly reprehensible behavior. Actions such as Lot’s, whatever the reason given, are truly reprehensible, IMO. So was slavery but the God of the Old Testament apparently had no problem with it. This is why the bible can be called out for its human-based inadequacies. While it contains some truth and wisdom, it also contains all of the less-than-godly baggage to which fallible humans ascribe. Some say that the bible was “inspired by God”. Perhaps some of it was but certainly not all of it.

          It is interesting that as Man has become kinder and gentler over the millennia, so too has our view of God. People today DO have a problem with slavery and see it as a stain on the soul of humanity. It is most definitely NOT OK, regardless of who is doing it to whom or whatever the reason is for doing it.

          • Agreed on all fronts, Ed. The Old Testament (specifically the wise tales of Sodom and Gomorrah,the Book of Job, and some of the latter bits of Exodus) were why I fell away from Christianity in my younger days.

            The New Testament, including the Apocrypha, are what made me realize later in life that there was indeed much wisdom to be found in its passages; I’d made a grave mistake in writing the entire Book off ad-hoc.

            Even though I’m not a man of “God,” per-se, I find far more moral commonality with my Christian countrymen than those who worship the “God of the State” and claim to be atheists. Christ is a far better “King” than globalism, nationalism, or the YHWH of the Torah/Talmud, that’s for sure.

            • Ed_B


              “… and some of the latter bits of Exodus) were why I fell away from Christianity in my younger days.”

              I can understand that. Many would not call me a Christian because I have not memorized the bible. I do read it, though. I have been told by a person whom I respect as someone of a higher level spirit that the bible should not be read but understood to be a very long prayer that should be cut into manageable pieces and understood in that way. I’m not sure that I understand this but it does have some appeal.

              I also understand why some reject religion, when it is not religion but the demands of some of its proponents who can be a complete pain in the neck about it. A lot of it sounds like childish “My god can whip your god” kind of nonsense. Instead, reaching deep within one’s self will allow us to commune with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and angels as well. No, this is not like a phone call but when we get it right, there is a feeling of peace, love, and serenity that cannot be found anywhere else.

              “I’d made a grave mistake in writing the entire Book off ad-hoc.”

              Agreed, because I am sure that a lot of us have done that or something similar. A real appreciation for the spiritual side of life often has to be grown into, rather than accepted at an early age. This varies a lot for many people. I have a cousin who has an incredibly giving and loving spirit. Just being around her makes one feel good about life and all the good things that are in it. I believe that this is the light of Christ within her that shines out and blesses all who are nearby. It is really something to experience and makes me want to be more like her. Giving and forgiving, loving and helping all who need her help. It’s truly a wonder to see someone like this. They are rare but all the more treasured because of it. She is surely a heavenly spirit come to Earth to help others advance in their spiritual quests.

              “Even though I’m not a man of “God,” per-se, I find far more moral commonality with my Christian countrymen…”

              I’m thinking that you are a child of God, like many others. Yes, we are works in progress but we ARE making progress. If we do not fit the mold that others believe we should, that’s OK. We are not here to meet their expectations but to do what we can to meet God’s expectations.

              My older brother and my cousin (mentioned above) are Mormons. When his youngest son was married we were invited to attend the reception. Since it was summer, it was an outdoor barbecue / picnic type affair. My wife and I are Christians but not Mormons, so we wondered just how well received we would be. We need not have been concerned. Everyone there welcomed us wholeheartedly and were very kind to us. We appreciated that a great deal and found it very easy to be with these people and enjoy the celebration of the newlyweds starting their life together. This, IMO, is how people should behave… with love for and acceptance of others who are not of their particular faith. Such acts of love and kindness are very important spiritually and quite powerful. They made a great impression on us and hopefully we on them. We had a great time and very much enjoyed the day.

  • Ray

    Amazing micro doc Sean. Your last few interviews have been great. Please don’t listen to the shills on the left or the right, and just keep calling it like it is. Hillary should be in prison no doubt, but if, when Trump infringes on the Constitution, bill of right, etc hold him accountable. Rule of law and the Republic first.

    Just wondering, would you be able to find Ben Swann and get an interview?

    All the best to you and the other readers. Good fortune to all, stay safe and God bless.

    • SGT

      Thanks Ray, and will do. Intellectual honesty is critical. As for Ben Swann, I doubt very much that he’d grant me an interview, he’s trying hard to walk the line between truther and mainstream, so he’s likely unwilling to get too chummy with any of us strictly alt-media truthers.

      • Ed_B


        Those walking down the middle of the road WILL be run over from BOTH directions. :-/

        One cannot compromise with evil and failing to bring forth info on what they are doing is just that. Evil MUST be resisted every time it rears its ugly head.

        Thank heavens that you are here to shine the light of truth upon the ‘roaches who exist in human form and do great evil among us. I pray for the day when they are hunted down and exterminated.

  • Jeff

    Very disturbing. This shit keeps getting worse and worse.

  • mike

    Dont know why you guy choose to ignore the Muslims? Saudi’s particularly..Head over to zerosensorship and you can see the real life acts in 1080p you speak of in this video. This isn’t total conspiracy like this pedogate stuff, it’s the real deal. Talk about gutting people? ISIS under the control of the Saudi’s guts people hanging upside down alive while the others are forced to watch until it’s their turn. If you have a stomach made of steel then watch it, just remember you can not un-see it.The Saudi’s control the world. 80% of oil production is Opec. Saudi Arabia is the single largest producer in Opec. The rest of the Opec country’s bow to the Saudi’s. If you think sandy hook wasnt real what happened to the kids? ..Shipped off to the middle east. All Elites bow to their masters, The Saudi Royal Family, the power behind the power..Even the Golden God bows to his masters and fights their wars, like all Trumps sabre rattling against Iran…Anyway keep ignoring reality right in front of your eyes and steer people in the wrong direction.

      • mike

        that’s exactly the type of response I expect from you..Just another parrot link by another parrot. Dont really care about the sandy hook conspiracy’s or the fake Illuminati, Aliens etc.

        ISIS is real, they sell children for sex slaves.They brutally torture and murder.
        I dont post links because they are very real and I dont want to destroy your snowflake world by real truth. You guys obviously cant handle real truth and if your not ready for real links, you wont be able to handle them and it will give you nightmares forever…Real deal sick shit.

        You live in the bubble of contrived safe conspiracy’s that you feel you have helped shape.,Never really looking for truth just adding the false narrative.

        There are really monsters out there and they all feed out of the Saudi’s hands.Instead of raids for sex slaves and children during the golden age they are now delivered.
        Your stupid Golden god just approved a massive arms sale to you guessed it, Saudi Arabia.
        Do you think the real power would expose themselves? You think if there was a real Illuminati not just a few jokers calling themselves Illuminati they would be so easily exposed? I am sure at one time there was that group..Today they would be like every other group, kkk, freemason that have 20 members that live in trailers and are 100% inconsequential. Just trailer people that play dress up, the grand Puhbah!

        • Eric

          And not surprising you provide no proof, evidence, or links to back up your narrative. You said it yourself, “I don’t post links because they are very real…”

          How much CNN do you watch each day anyways?

          Lots of Saudi controlled central banks too right?

          Since you don’t know anything, don’t read, and can’t back up anything you say I rarely even bother wasting time reading your comments in their entirety.

          • mike

            Eric you can handle the truth, you’re a couch conspirator, that’s it. Where is the illuminate proof? There is none, only speculation. You really want me to provide proof of the Saudi’s hanging 20 men upside down and gutting them in hi def? 1 at a time and forcing the others 3 ft away to watch until it’s their turn? You really want to see their faces? Better ask the others here on the post. Some might not want to get sick. I will do it if you and sgt don’t believe in the real Satan and demand proof. This Illuminati conspiracy stuff is just for fun..What I can show is the real sick shit..Anyone can find it, I and apparently Bill Still choose not to ignore it.
            Have you ever read any European history? Who were the single greatest slavers in history? The Arabs.
            Who controls the life blood of the modern world? Your Illuminati if they ever existed had the tables turned in the 70’s along with the entire world..We do not control the Saudi’s they control every aspect of our economy and can end it anytime. Dont think they will, they love European girls and boys.Why destroy a good thing.Slavery is a part of their life, even the Donald bows to his masters..Approving the largest weapons deal ever to the Saudi’s, not including Saudi Arabia in his ban..All your golden Gods ban did was expose the country’s Saudi Arabia wishes to control.
            Are you so caught up in your Freemason,Illuminati,Jesuit, Alien and Jew bs conspiracy that you are blind to actual reality? Sure looks that way to me.

            • Eric

              mike, you’re way behind and still in denial.

              • mike

                Exactly…It was the Saudi’s and Bandar ordered bush to release the Bin Laden family, they were on a plane the next day.
                Bandar ordered your Golden God to move against Iran, looks like that is right around the corner..That is not conspiracy, really happened or is happening. Your the one in denial lol. It’s the Illuminati ah hahaha…

                Never got a vote..Do you want me to post links to prove to you the truth?

                I want sean to say it’s ok because if I do whether you play the 1000
                vids I can post you will still be able to see the true gore without playing. I dont think anyone wants to be forced to see the truth.Got a feeling you guys cant handle the real truth.

                You need to look at reality. The Illuminati does not exist in any substantial form. Just idiots that play dress up…Just old nerds that were Rocky Horror fans.

                • Eric

                  whatever. You obviously didn’t watch the video. And you don’t have a clue what is going on. Be careful of what you say mike. The scary saudi monsters under your bed will get you. They have been around for 85 years. Which is at least 80 years longer than your study of history.

                • Eric

                  Govt Insider Confirms Israel’s Role In 9/11 Attacks!
                  Saudi Arabia wasn’t the only foreign country involved


                • mike

                  Saudi’s rule the world what part of that are you not comprehending? It is the Saudi’s that allow Israel to exist, taking a page out of the English book divide and conquer. The Israeli’s bow to the Saudi’s. Where that is from direct threat or from the Saudi owned American government doest matter, the result is Israel doing the Saudi’s bidding.
                  You guys all need to snap out of the fake news fake Illuminati stooper and get in touch with reality. All your conspiracy’s do have some truth, you just have the wrong players.

                  Your golden god has bent over and spread wide for Israel at the command of his Saudi masters.

                • Eric

                  mike, where are the Saudi owned central banks of the world?


                • KRELL427

                  Mike watches Elvis in Harem Scarem as his source material.

                • Eric

                  That’s probably why he’s still stuck in the stone age.

                • mike

                  Trump loves himself some jew right up the old keester..The Saudi’s love watching it,
                  YES Eric the central bank does control and own all central banks. The ecb,pboc and other are all owned and controlled by the fed..We learned that in ron pauls partial Audit of the fed…The Saudi’s own the fed lock stock and barrel. The Fed printing is impossible without the true masters and rhe life blood of civilization, oil. The Saudi’s could care less who makes our laws not one applies to them. The Saudi’s only care about power.

                  You guys are so lost it would bee hilarious but your ideas based on absolutely nothing are actually dangerous to Americans by diverting them from the truth.. Keeping people ignorant to the truth and reality by your dumbass conspiracy about Illuminati is beyond ignorant, it’s actually vile.

                  Try doing some real research instead of parroting parrots. Sean has been at this stupid Illuminati garbage for years and provided zero proof only speculation. People dressing up playing stupid games is proof of nothing.Because people dress up as nazi’s or kkk does that mean those groups are still out there with power? Of course not.

                • KRELL427

                  That must be why Saudi is going broke and running out of oil because their wells are pumping 90% water.. They also getting into alternative energy. Troll off Mike, go rub some camel’s nuts.

                • mike

                  Krell, retard, where did you get that number, more of your fake news parrots?
                  Weird if Saudi wells are pumping 90% water then where in the hell did this oil glut come from? I believe it’s the largest in history. It certainly is coming from faggot Canada. Krell no one likes homo Frenchmen collaborators..You Canadians are just sickening Vichy Frenchies descendants that would sell your mothers ass to anyone you perceive as master. I think we really need to annex the place then do extreme vetting to remove those sorry pathetic french genes from the human gene pool.

                • mike

                  Oh and Krell, maybe I will try to rub some camel nuts? I have never rubbed anything’s nuts so I will need some pointers from you, the nut rubbing expert.
                  My experience with camels is they dont like people just coming up to them, you have to let them come to you..How do you Krell approach the animal to commence the nut rubbing? Does rubbing the Camels nuts relax the beast or make it dangerous to be standing behind? You should do a nut rubbing video for beginners on the youtube.That way Eric will have another video to link as expert source.

                  Now that I think about it I’m not really interested in rubbing a camels nuts, I’ll leave that to you. I will stick to toes.

                • Howard Roark

                  “mikes” a KIKE…easily seen in his slavish devotion to money from nothing…

                • KRELL427

                  When Mike gets mad his IQ drops from 75 to 45, good thing he has his name on his belt buckle.

                • mike

                  Krell, Frenchie dont talk to me…oh look you frenchies are hardcore racist by taking our muslims.Go about 1 min into vid..Talks about your Toronto…Maybe that’s you on the bullhorn? Probably Eric in Long beach raping the elderly woman? You guys are superstars!

                • Eric

                  Yes Krell, don’t talk to the camel nutsack handler. You won’t learn anything from him except how to annoy the hell out of a camel.

  • glitter 1


    I’ve watched as you continue connecting the dots,keep going,keep pulling those threads.

    Here’s an interesting story,why hasn’t it been in the news,real,fake or otherwise.What’s the significance? Pull the threads.

    This summarizes much/connects many dots.You can not understand without investing the time.This individual does a good job pulling it all together.

  • AgShaman

    Amazing that 474 people get arrested for being involved in a pedo-ring and no mention from the zionist controlled media.

    I guess they’ve decided that trafficking, raping, killing, and eating children is not as newsworthy as what the Easter Bunny is “up to” these days…

    Sheesh…we are stuck in a Kubrick movie and surrounded by the “Dumb and Despicable”

    • Ed_B


      This is precisely why so many of us refuse to watch, listen to, or read about this crap on TV, radio, and in the so-called newspapers anymore. Virtually ALL of it is fake news. They tell us what their masters want known and nothing else. Ever see a national news story where some citizen with a gun SAVES innocent lives? No, of course not because it simply does not fit the establishment narrative. It happens quite a lot, actually, and only the NRA magazines ever mention it. Local news outlets will cover such stories because too many local people know the scoop already but these are NEVER picked up by the national so-called news agencies.

      • AgShaman

        @ Ed_B

        I went to a NRA Banquet the other night…really nice spread/function…and very welcoming people. I sensed that the simple (as in, without hidden nefarious agendas) folks that give you the true blue vibe understand the nature of the snowflake/bull-shevik and that they have accepted that these sub-humans exist to function as a support structure for these creatures in high finance and govt, that are involved in ultra-criminal ops including these pedo-rings.

        They are living/enjoying their lives and work/biz’s….perhaps not overly interested in embracing the darkness that comes with viewing these demonic perversions and would rather not singe their brainboxes with the heavy-ness of that knowledge. It’s good to know that these throwbacks from yesteryear still exist in Americana and are maintaining their couth while the dunces are burning down their respective sprawls. They are geared up and prepared…and ready to smash the purple storm of nonsense, should it spill over into their neighborhoods.

        • Ed_B


          I am not an NRA member anymore. Was once but decided that they were not aggressive enough to suit my taste in liberty. I don’t dislike them at all, just want them to kick more butt than they already do. Anyway, yes, many of them are good people. I see a lot of them at the local gun shows and there is not a nicer or more well-behaved group out there.

          I understand that there are MANY people, especially here in the US, who do not want to know about such things. They are the crowd who “can’t handle the truth” as was stated in the film, “A Few Good Men”. They live in their own world and do not want anyone intruding upon it with grisly horror stories. Can’t say that I like it much either but if knowing this is part of what it takes to bring these vermin to justice, then so be it.

          I am more than ready to stand with our local sheriff’s deputies, the NRA, or any other pro-law pro-America group when the SHTF and the Soros pinkos and others of their ilk are running wild and trashing people, property, and neighborhoods. If they keep pushing like they have been, they are liable to get everything they have coming.

          • AgShaman

            @ Ed_B

            I’m not a member either, …but they have extended quite the olive branch the other night, for the organization I am helping to build…and I am thankful for that. They seem to be the first line of defense when it comes to the 2nd Amdt…considering their support structure does nothing but encourage people to gain an interest in our “gun culture” (yes McMericans are a culture born from the gun). I think now more than ever…the criminals that represent dotguv, as well as the deep state and shadow guv will be looking to double down now that pizza-gate is out in the open. As you know, these parasites do not change their stripes or “worm segments”….they simply go into “protection mode”…and the best way to do that is to draw more minions into the fold that is their clubs of demons. The people on the coasts and cities will have trouble keeping the chaos at bay…the rest of the soylents in fly-over country and rural areas should not be suckered into the traps/games these people play “HD Delivery Systems”. They have jumped the shark, skipped off Forrest Gump’s head and are heading towards a cliff called “Full Retard”…and the Soros Machines are conveniently cutting the brake lines under the bus.

            • Ed_B


              “…but they have extended quite the olive branch the other night, for the organization I am helping to build…and I am thankful for that.”

              That is something good, then. I’m glad that you reached out to them and that they seem receptive. The more the merrier and all that. 🙂

              I grew up in an army family, so have been around guns all my life. I joined the US Army’s Junior Marksmanship Program when I was 11. It was great fun shooting targets and getting training from US Army weapons instructors. I was able to win several shooting patches, badges, and medals during the 2 years I was in that program. All of this was with a .22 rifle. So, no, I have not had any NRA-sponsored gun training, which many consider the standard for gun training, but I have had plenty of shooting training by the US Army and my Dad, who at one time in his career was a small arms and hand to hand combat training instructor.

              I think that the big fear of guns that the libs have is that they KNOW that they are incompetent to handle a deadly weapon, so their assumption is that if they cannot trust themselves with this, how can they trust anyone else with it? The answer is that they cannot, so are always trying to make private gun ownership so difficult and expensive that it will wither away and disappear. They had better hope that this never happens, because the 2nd Amendment is the muscle that defends the entire US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. If the 2nd. Amendment goes or is rendered impotent, so too will all of the other rights that we have and enjoy today.

              As for Soros, I agree with a recent post here on SGT Report where one comment said that groups like BLM and others who are rioting and destroying private property should be designated as terrorist groups and that as someone who funds them, Soros could also be arrested, tried, and hopefully convicted and imprisoned for the rest of his miserable life. Confiscation of his assets as a fund that pays damages to those who have been harmed by his activities would also be good. Soros would look good in orange. Perhaps he can have a cell next to Hillary and Bill? Birds of a feather and all that. 😉

    • Eric

      It’s not that amazing or surprising when you think about it.

  • JC

    Thank you for creating this Sean. Do you think the recent arrests are really the start of taking the Clintons and other self proclaimed “elites” for these crimes agains their species? I’m skeptical, but hopeful Sessions is going to take these sickos down. In the meantimes, we’ll keep informing, watching and protecting as many as we can. Be Well.

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