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If Aluminum Is Killing The Bees, What’s It Doing… To YOU?

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from Dees Illustration, via SGT

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24 comments to If Aluminum Is Killing The Bees, What’s It Doing… To YOU?

  • SweetHomeChicago

    For three years in a row, my bees have died. This year is no different. Plenty of honey in the hives, but the bees were dead by January. I am going to look into the contaminated bee larva research. My hive was strong going into each fall.

    Between chem trails, varroa mites, and DWV virus from infected varroa mite’s bite it looks like the bees are under attack. The world will be a very different place without the bee pollinators.

    Chicago is riddled with chem trails. Nasty skies by 4pm usually when they’re spraying. It is very rare that they do not criss-cross the western skies.

    Hope they run out of money soon…

  • KRELL427

    HAARP, cell phone towers and GWEN towers combined with the aluminum spraying means we are essentially all lab rats for the evil running our planet.

  • Pippi

    SGT-Could you please report more on this 5G LTE Towers:
    New Generation Microwave Towers being rolled out without regulations. SmallCell Tower Transmitters every 3-10 houses on Hydro poles. Powerful microwaves from them as well.
    If I missed it sorry. Sometime I suffer from Fonestaritis and I have to follow Doctor’s orders and take a break.

  • Pippi

    In the US, they introduced a Bill (Bill S-19 S-88) to exempt this from any existing health and environmental regulations altogether.

    Link to Bill introduced Jan 24/ 2017:

    (b) Duties.—The working group shall—

    (1) identify any Federal regulations, statutes, grant practices, budgetary or jurisdictional challenges, and other sector-specific policies that are inhibiting or could inhibit the development of the Internet of Things;

  • mike

    I’m all for the stuff as long as it kills Wasps and Bumble bees as well.I thought it was RF that was killing the bees, screwing with their on board nav?

    • KRELL427

      Mike I hope your just kidding. Bees a very important for our food supply.

      • Eric

        mike is evil. It’s the simplest explanation.

      • mike

        I think we will be just fine without all Bees, Wasps and bumble bees, Yellow jackets even fireants.There is not 1 creature in nature that has a lock on a particular function..When the wind goes away then its time to panic…Pollination would be difficult without wind. Think you libs are overreacting. I am more of a danger to bees/fire ants than aluminum or RF. I hate those things with all my heart and practice total war against them in my yard, take no prisoners.
        This is all 100% BS..Bees die off in some areas and thrive in others..Ill bet you and Eric were freaking out over killer bees invading N. America..Need to take this garbage with a grain of salt.
        Bees will be just fine without your interference.

        • Eric

          Sure mike. Will we be fine without the sun too?

          You are seriously the dumbest person I have ever come across. I’ve never met anyone who knows so little and tries to bullshit his way through everything.

          How did you survive this long? I mean, who would pay you? You don’t know anything. Did you inherit your money or something? I know you didn’t produce anything or do something to earn it. But seriously, did you work at anything in your life or did you just mooch off others productivity?

          • mike

            Sorry retard Angiosperms do not need bees that is a myth. Angiosperms developed and thrived for millions of years in the absence of bees.

            In the last 30 years wild vegetation worldwide has increased 15%, that is massive. The earth is not dying and it is massive.Whether or not I care about bees is not going to change the fact bees are ubiquitous and there is no way to quantify their numbers, only guess.

            Better go buy more prep food from an “honest” dealer..The Earth is dying and you dont want to starve..Better buy Gold as well. You gullible fool.

            • Eric

              You know what dumbass? A normal well adjusted individual (which you are not) would provide some kind of evidence if he wants to persuade and influence others. Since we all know that you don’t read and talk out of your butthole, you have absolutely no credibility and anyone with any critical thinking skills should just assume you are lying. Which you are.

              Obviously the GMO’s have deteriorated your brain down to the size of a pea, and your pineal gland is calcified like a Petri dish full of bacteria. How much food do you grow each year?

              • Eric

                Oh I almost forgot. You must eat bowls of aluminum for breakfast too.

              • mike

                That’s the thing I’m not arguing anything just stating my opinion…You’re the Tard that thinks every post is a direct threat to your tard thinking then post parrot links to bolster your tard argument even though there is no argument. Do you want me really to provide proof that you’re a retard…Really?
                That would be one long post of your comments you posted just in the last week.
                I can do it if your asking me to provide proof you have the tard brainwashed syndrome…Why not just post some links to over priced preps, the world is dying after all…Oh the Bees

                Only gold is money even though it isn’t.

                • Eric

                  I have a better idea. When you wake up tomorrow…

                  Eat some GMO foods, drink plenty of water with sodium fluoride, have a bowl of metal shavings, sell all your silver, gold, and food and buy as much Bitcoin as you can.

                  Then we can be rid of your stupidity faster. Nobody is interested in the opinion of a dumbshit who doesn’t know anything.

                • Eric

                  Pretty much. But Matt Damon has higher intelligence than mike.

                • mike

                  Everything you eat is gmo..Not one plant or domestic animal humans consume is the same as it’s original counterpart.By selection over a long period of time humans have managed to change everything from plants to animals. A different process but genetic modification over time nonetheless….There is the possible exception of Iraqi wheat, it is almost identical to the wheat the ancient Mesopotamian’s grew, very small yield. Ever seen a Belgium blue cow in real life? Those are massive.. Ever seen a Samarra Garbage cow in real life?…That is one little skinny cow that lives in garbage pits..You really need to get out more.

                  Krell posting links to penis porn is just gross. I dont Care if you and the Eric are gay, told you that before..Just not interested in actually seeing your fascination…Keep it to yourself.

                  Sorry fellas don’t care even a little about bees, all insects for that matter.No matter what happens unless you’re cremated when you die eventually you will have lots of different insects feeding on your gay bones.

  • Ed_B

    If it was just a few bees dying off here and there, I would not be concerned about it. Bees are insects, which have relatively short lives. But that’s not what’s happening here. No, what we are seeing are massive die-offs involving hundreds of thousands or even millions of bees at a time. This is very often in specific areas of the US. Don’t know about the rest of the world on this score but it is of sufficient interest to etymologists that they are doing a great deal of research on this phenomenon, whatever it is.

    I find it interesting that the bees that are examined during these die-offs have their digestive tracts filled with pollen, so they are not dying from a lack of food. What I wonder is whether or not the pollen that they are ingesting is from GMO crops that they cannot metabolize. Bees are not physically sophisticated, so their digestive and immune systems are quite primitive. Things that a sophisticated animal, such as a mammal, can simply shrug off can be quite dangerous to these simpler creatures.

    If it is not GMO pollen and its effects upon mass bee mortality, that reduces the equation down to either chemical poisoning, such as via pesticides, radiation, or some sort of parasite, including bacteria and viruses.

    I hope that the truth of this situation can be resolved relatively soon. Bees are excellent pollinators and their work at enhancing crop production is FAR superior to that of hit or miss wind. Many plants do not pollinate for very long. Typically this is about 10-12 days. If favorable wind does not occur at that time, then pollination will be minimal and so will crop yields. Even with favorable wind, it is likely that pollination by bees is at least 2-3 times better, if not more, than mere wind alone… and so will be crop yields.

    I see this as a serious issue that needs to be resolved. I have no dog in this fight other than knowing the truth and wanting action to be taken that is based upon it for the betterment of all. I don’t know at what point the human population of the Earth will be when there simply isn’t enough food grown for everyone. But I do know that in certain crops, every advantage is needed to ensure that enough food is grown on the arable land that exists.

    In addition to this being a humanitarian issue, it is also an economic issue. Because of supply and demand issues, a dwindling food supply and rising world demand from growing populations would mean that food prices would rise and perhaps significantly. While this would not affect me or my family directly, the suffering of millions and perhaps even billions of people will affect us all and probably in ways that we cannot even fathom at this point. Because of all this, we need our bee-buddies to be healthy and working to keep food production high. The honey that they make is just a bonus on top of their already substantial contribution to food production.

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