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Hundreds of NATO Tanks on the Move in Slovakia

by SGT, SGT Report:

Friends, I just received the following email and video footage from a reader who lives in theCzech Republic. The saber rattling by NATO continues:

Hi, regular listener of your SGT report show on YouTube from Czech Rep. here. I thought you might find this interesting:

About two hundred NATO tanks are being transported across Europe towards Russia. Local media reports that this is a transportation test,  if single train is capable of transport so many tanks. There are also claims that a huge military exercise is going down. We all know that this is simply the moving of military equipment to NATO base camps near the Russian border. Probably another provocation.  The following video has been captured two days ago in Slovakia:

I just want to be sure that you are aware of these kind of actions are taking place in Europe. I take it as the storm clouds are gathering.

Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing for those who are awake.

Kind regards,
Giorgio T.

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