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2 comments to How The IRS Can Empty Your Bank Account Without Warning

  • Windrunner58

    And this my friend is only one reason I do not have a bank account. I am fortunate that we own a business (in my wife’s name) and she issues me a paycheque and I walk into the bank and cash it (with resistance at first till I told them of my rights), I keep the paper notes away from the vultures. Bitcoin, G&S are things of beauty. Canada Revenue Agency (Same as IRS) does not like those not in the system, but it is not against any law. FUCKEM!!!

    Hey at least they will refund their mess. This time……

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I agree that keeping as little “wealth” in the system as possible is a good thing.

    Gold, silver, food, guns, are all things of real wealth and real protection. The power of government is a scary thing.

    There are millions of people who are “unbanked”. Mostly because they have no choice. Even if you want to get a reloadable debit-gift card, you have to “activate it” with plenty of identification, back ground checks, etc. You can “buy” a VISA card, but then you can only spend it like a gift card and not reload it if you cannot get yourself “verified”.

    I did some research, and did find at least one guy who SELLS reloadable (anonymous) bank cards (Mastercard or Visa) without ANY need for ANY identification. He buys them from a POLISH bank, sells them to you for a $35 fee. The reload fees are not bad, and the bank allows you to reload it from USA & Canada, etc. It does not expire for about 2 years.

    Yes, I have NOT forgotten about all the “crypto currencies” out there, and yes, they can be used to buy stuff, but the percentage of “merchants” who accept crypto stuff is small.

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