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from Political Outsource:

Police in Brazil have gone on strike, leaving the country unarmed and left in a “Purge” like chaos. In 30 cities across Brazil, militarized police are refusing to do their jobs. According to an anonymous source in the city of Espirato Santo, Brazil, the chaos can be comparable to the 2014 thriller “Purge”, with people running rampant with guns and machetes, stealing from malls, and even dead bodies lying in the streets. As buses are set ablaze on night streets, and people crawl for shelter covered in blood, Brazil is slowly becoming overtaken by it’s people.

“A pm is on strike and the thugs are randomly shooting at anyone who passes the street in EspĂ­rito Santo, my God what is happening” says one Brazilian resident.

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Schools have been cancelled following “Purge” like chaos in Brazil. Click here to read the full story and exclusive images obtained by Political Outsource.

Twitter has become the only outlet for Brazilians to show what’s going on, as no major media has picked up on the anarchy that’s ensuing in cities across the country. According to the Brazilian source reporting to Political Outsource, the most affected areas are South in Espirito Santo.

Live happenings from “Purge” like choas:

A polĂ­cia do EspĂ­rito Santo tĂĄ de greve e olha o que acontece

Translation: “The police in EspĂ­rito Santo are on strike and look what is happening.”

Translation: “What happens to an unarmed country”

Since the outbreak in states like Espirato Santo, the government has arranged to meet with military officials to discuss salary improvements, reports Estado Brasil.

“I won’t even leave my house today,” one Brazilian resident in Espirito Santo told Political Outsource. “things are absolutely crazy, there are people running around with guns in pretty populated areas, dozens of people stealing sh-t from malls, even dead bodies on the streets!”

In another interview with Political Outsource, one resident in Espirito Santo said in a phone interview; “It’a f–king mess what’s going on here. The worst part is the regular citizen can’t have a gun to defend himself!”

A pm estĂĄ em greve e os bandido estĂŁo atirando aleatoriamente em quem passa na rua no EspĂ­rito Santo, meu deus o que estĂĄ acontecendo

Translation: “A Police Military is on strike and the thugs are randomly shooting at anyone who passes the street in EspĂ­rito Santo, my God what is happening”

EspĂ­rito santo agora pouco na Serra atirando perto da imprensa

Translation: “EspĂ­rito Santo just now at Serra, a shooting near the press”. ”

Video of a police officer surrendering to an armed assailant in Brazil: 

The United States, nor any other country, has not commented on the developing chaos happening in Brazil.

A Brazilian resident has told us: “it’s been two days since either I or my parents have left home.”

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Pra quem nĂŁo sabe o Espirito Santo estĂĄ num completo caos devido a greve dos pm’s, bandidos tomando conta das ruas


Update 9:31PM (Pacific Time) A 17-year old has been shot and killed near a hospital in Espirato Santo. The news was publicly tweeted out just minutes ago. View discretion is highly advised

Translation: “Espirito Santo is very tense”

Update 9:44PM (Pacific Time) An inside source from the state of Espirato Santo has told Political Outsource that things are getting worse, as armed assailants are beginning to gather and shoot at anybody out on the streets, including reporters, medics, and citizens. The source has told us that the main “purge”-like chaos is mainly happening in Espirato Santo, yet slowly beginning to spread outside the state.

Update 9:47PM (Pacific Time) A man has been killed in the streets of Espirito Santa, Brazil. viewer discretion is highly advised.

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