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Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire)

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Before you get into this article, note that I’m marking it “satire.” Yet none of the themes unveiled here are actually funny. This is serious stuff… it’s just that 99.9% of humanity isn’t ready to cognitively grasp what I’m about to present here, so until people are more ready to face the reality of demonic evil in our world, I’m going to label all this a weekend joke. Funny, isn’t it? If it’s too much for you, don’t take it too seriously. The NFL is a joke anyway, right?

The average Superbowl viewer is so totally clueless about reality that they have no idea what they’re even watching. Over the last several years, the NFL has slowly given way to the agenda of truly evil globalists, pushing quack science fraud (breast cancer “awareness” propaganda), anti-American hatred (Colin Kaepernick’s nauseating antics), cultural subversion agendas and vulgar halftime shows that frequently invoke Satanic imagery in ritualistic fashion (see the multitude of photos and videos below for proof).

But those assaults on the human psyche are nothing compared to the “big agenda” of using the Superbowl halftime platform. I realize this may be hard for people to grasp if they aren’t informed about the deeper layers of wretched evil that have infested our world — the pizza shop pedophile stories barely scratch the surface — but the real purpose of the Superbowl halftime show is to ritualistically celebrate the power of Satan right in the open, declaring his dominion over the Earth by glorifying his imagery, words and worship on national television.

Superbowl halftime shows are saturated with symbols of demonic rituals and Satan worship

If you’re not aware that this has been happening throughout Superbowl halftime shows in years past, you are wildly uninformed about the depth and brashness of the Satanic symbolism shoved right in your face during every Superbowl “indoctrination” ritual. The symbols are irrefutably Satanic and linked to Illuminati agendas of human sacrifice, occult power and dominion of the minds of the masses. Here’s a tiny taste of what has been broadcast to 100+ million live viewers in previous Superbowl halftime shows: (see Lady Gaga’s “Hell puppet” imagery below, from the 2017 Superbowl halftime rituals)

Egyptian “sun disc” ritual magic symbol which covered the stage during a recent halftime performance:

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1 comment to Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire)

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Have you seen the videos of people participating in a ritual with a room full of people watching? If a ritual was only for the participants, then everyone would participate and no one would be watching.
    The ritual is for all who are there, witnessing it.

    Millions of people expose their selves and their families to welcoming these rituals into their homes and they willing watch things being channeled and entities being called.

    Those demons are energy, negative, or other density, doesn’t matter, they are energy, and the t.v. channels energy, and people let their t.v. channel energy into their homes of these rituals.

    Its a wonder the majority of people have moved away from what they claim to have worked for, which is their own salvation.

    When Sodom and Gomorrah was being destroyed, the angels would not even let the escaping family look upon the energy that was occurring behind them.

    In Raiders of the Lost Ark, those people opened that ark and Indiana Jones would not even look at what they conjured.

    There are many movies like that, where people do not look.

    But no.
    The advanced technology culture looks, and I have come across so many mean and hateful people lately that I don’t even think they know they are mean and hateful.

    Hint, if your words did not build and support or show tolerance, then you are not delivering the message you thought you were.

    A lot of people are happy to be in the same mind set or hive mind with others.
    A group, us, we all agree, we are the same, we are in the group, kind of collective.

    They think they have control, that there is power in their numbers, and their thoughts will change things as long as they kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    Many of you have channeled the very essence of something into your homes when you watched that show, and as you wait for heaven to open it’s doors for you, you may find you have something attached to you that won’t allow you in, regardless of how good you say your heart is… still may find the door has room for you but not what you have allowed to attach to you by watching these things together.

    Why do you think so many people will weep and wail? Why do you think so many people will be deceived?

    It’s like going to your home and finding you don’t have the key to get in and you can’t break in. Everything you thought belonged to you and that you thought you could get to is no longer available.

    The satanists don’t hate you for hating them.

    You participate in their rituals, who would hate someone participating in their presentation to their God. There is a lot of souls that participate by being in the audience.

    I am indifferent. If we want rights to worship, we can’t decide who gets to worship what.
    All rights are unalienable to One of their Creator.

    You have the right to do whatever you want, including be an audience participant and report on what you saw. And there is no angel to guide you and tell you, you should not be witnessing these things as to remain clean, you can’t bask and bathe in what you consider the unclean and still say you are considered clean.

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