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Google Blacklists Natural News!

from TheHealthRanger:

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2 comments to Google Blacklists Natural News!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I just set my default search engine to

    and for some extra fun, you can try to use their Russian language version at Results will often be different.

    When I searched for Naturalnews in Google, it was NOT there, but instead pointed to “”

    But in Yandex, it gave the PROPER website.

    Yandex is sorta like Russia’s competition for Google, and they also have a FREE email service you can use.

    Yandex is not part of the NSA and does not kiss the butts of the FBI, CIA, etc etc.

  • Millicent

    Good luck trying to argue your point with Google… they don’t care if you have been banned or how long you’ve had the account. I was migrating my mail from a gmail account to another provider and they froze the transfer in mid stream for what they called “suspicious activity”. I went a few rounds with them but they would never unlock the account… Google is Microsoft’s evil twin.

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