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Globalists Try To Hijack Super Bowl

from The Alex Jones Channel:

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3 comments to Globalists Try To Hijack Super Bowl

  • Sayldog

    What I saw was an expression of the Purple Revolution. The color was prominent, and the message was one of “we the people, united”, which on the surface yeah, why not, but as a front of the Purple Revolution that unity is not meant to include deplorables, even to demonize them.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. But the real hell of it is that IF there were significant benefits to globalism for all the world’s people, these so-called elites would not have to force it upon us. People would want to join up and form a single united world. This is nothing new. Mankind has been forming ever larger groups over the millennia, from families to clans to city states to regions to nations, etc. When this is in OUR best interests it WILL happen. We do not need, want, or will accept being forced into this merely because it solely benefits the very few at the top. It will happen when the people of the Earth are ready and willing to accept it and not a bit before then.

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