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Germany Turns Even More Authoritarian

from The Daily Bell:

Germany approves electronic ankle bracelets to monitor extremists Germany’s cabinet has approved a measure aimed at tracking individuals who might pose a terrorism threat. The monitoring device can be used even if an individual hasn’t been convicted.  –DB

So now Germany is punishing people who haven’t been convicted of anything. This is part of a larger cultural problem that Germany has on various fronts.

You can’t express your opinion for instance about the holocaust if it differs from the official point of view. And now the government is going to try and figure who is a terrorist and whether they ought to be restrained even if they haven’t done anything.


Authorities will be able to force suspected Islamist extremists believed to pose a threat to the public to wear electronic ankle bracelets, the German cabinet agreed on Wednesday. Previously, only convicted individuals could be required to wear the device used to monitor location and movements.

The cabinet proposal, “Gefährder,” or people who pose a security threat, who have not been convicted can be forced to wear the device by order of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

The shift to the legislation happened as part of cabinet approvals of changes to BKA law. The changes t to the law had been Okayed by top officials in the wake of the December 19th attacks on the Berlin Christmas market.

Aniks Amre was thought to be a danger to society but surveillance ceased before his attack. Later he was ordered deported to Tunisa but that didn’t happen right away because Tunisia took time to get his papers.

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