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FBI Analyst Says, High Level Pedophile Arrests Coming Soon, 1487

from The Still Report:

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5 comments to FBI Analyst Says, High Level Pedophile Arrests Coming Soon, 1487

  • Johan

    These kinds of out plays are always to strike deals with those being charged. Who on earth would ever go out with “We are going to arrest people soon”.. seriously, not even the FBI

    • Millicent

      Roger that… No serious criminal prosecution is going to announce “imminent arrests” on national news sources.

      Just more “fake news” designed to distract and confuse.

  • Rdawg

    Agreed, it is beyond retarded. People who are key to confirming Sessions are going to vote “yes” knowing he will then come after them? Makes no sense.

  • randy0302

    You are too kind. It is total satanic sacrifice, death dismemberment and cannibalism.
    Will President Trump go after them? If he does not, eventually they will destroy him…so I say yes he will it’s life or death.

  • d

    Those that have been in Congress for the past 30 years …ARE aware of the corruption and various other incentives to stay in power…as they are involved or knowingly allow it to happen…starting with the Clinton presidency….of which the clintons started while being governor of Arkansas….imho

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