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Facing Down Trump in Court: A 37-Year Old Hero Emerges

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street On Parade:

Students and teachers at Franklin High School in Seattle are walking a little taller and prouder this morning. One of their own, 37-year old Noah Purcell, the Solicitor General of the State of Washington, has in the span of less than a week, beat the most powerful man in the world – not once but twice. Purcell convinced District Court Judge James Robart in oral arguments on February 3 and all three judges sitting at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in oral arguments on February 7 that President Donald Trump had illegally imposed an Executive Order banning immigrant entry into the United States from seven majority-Muslim countries.

The 29-page wide-ranging decision from the Ninth Circuit says as much about the power of Purcell to hone sweeping constitutional concepts into a finely-tuned legal argument as it does about the ability of Americans to successfully challenge a President determined to rule by Executive Order and intimidating Tweets.

When Purcell stepped to the podium on Friday, February 3, to make his oral arguments to Judge Robart, there was a faint hint of nervousness in his voice. But that quickly dissipated as he described the chaos and disruption of lives that was occurring as a result of the ill-conceived Executive Order. Not only had persons with valid visas been denied entry to the United States under the order, but persons who were Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) with green cards were denied re-entry when the order was first imposed. The government, he told the court, continued to flip-flop on exactly who was covered under its amorphous order.

Judge Robart was convinced by Purcell’s arguments and imposed a nationwide Temporary Restraining Order, blocking Trump’s order from taking effect while the case moved forward in his courtroom. The government quickly appealed the ruling to the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court. That’s when a large swath of America rose to its feet to confront the arrogance and unconstitutionality of the new President’s assertion that he could make rulings with a pen that were unreviewable by the courts; throw the innocent lives of teachers and students and traveling professors and tech employees with valid visas into chaos and inflict anxiety and fear into permanent residents in America.

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7 comments to Facing Down Trump in Court: A 37-Year Old Hero Emerges

  • philipat

    Absolute BS and I won’t be reading anything more by the Martens, whom I had previously assumed to be quite honest and not recognised as Libtards.

    Only the Ninth Circuit come come up with a 29 page decision which didn’t mention highly relevant points of law which specifically provide the President with a lot of authority in such matters. This is, of course, why the Libtards plotted this action on the West Coast where the nation’s most Lberal Judges reside. The Ninth Circuit is the most overturned by The Supreme Court.

    So, sorry, your “heros” are not mine. get real.

  • Brian

    This is utter horseshit. Finely tuned legal arguments? That pulled on heart strings and emotions never disclosing the fact the 8 USC 1182 (f) clearly without a doubt give the president very broad power to do exactly what he did minus the green card holders which they reversed early on.

  • d

    a liberal lawyer pleading his case to a liberal court….(that does NOT uphold the LAW as written)…with a liberal verdict…priceless…..and they use the word HERO….to the authors of this article..GO FUCK yourselves, and take your “so called ” hero with you….imho

  • David

    Where was the court, and this “hero” when a check and balance was needed against NDAA and the detainment of Americans. Where is the court when the Hammonds get jailed and re-jailed for an agricultural grass fire set by Government wanting to take their land? That wicked court only has a check and balance when a real leader arises and does real things for this nation.

  • David

    That “hero” looks effeminate to me.

  • David

    Mr. Purcell, you big hero, please go to court and give us our freedoms back from the Patriot Acts. And constitutional carry of firearms while you are at it. You are a hero. You can do it.

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