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EXPOSED: The Media’s Silsby-Clinton Child Trafficking Cover-Up

from SGT Report:

PleadingTheYiff, the man who combed through the Wikileaks Podesta emails to help uncover the Pizzagate scandal and break it wide open on 4chan and Reddit, joins me to discuss the mainstream media’s cover-up of the Laura Silsby-Clinton child trafficking in Haiti and Pizzagate. PleadingTheYiff’s real name is Willaim Craddick and we also delve into other areas including the use of paramilitary groups in the United States in acts of false flag terror events. Visit William’s website for his original articles and breaking news.

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9 comments to EXPOSED: The Media’s Silsby-Clinton Child Trafficking Cover-Up

  • AgShaman

    Excellent guest and interview. Hope you have him back Sean and keep shining light on this topic.

    My WAG meter told me Chris Kyle was approached to have his “outfit” do the Boston Marathon false flag operation…and he “balked” at the offer. As a result….he was later liquidated by an MK Ultra wind up toy at the gun range.

    The “Pitchfork Phenomenon” is picking up steam. Amerikwans have had decades of this parasitic deep state running amuck….and of course, the body count of citizens that “knew too much” that comes with it. They are growing tired of shadow govt’s endless collateral damage ramifications that buttress their despicable crimes being kept in the dark.

  • John

    Have you looked at STEM CELL REMOVAL from ‘suitable’ children 6-12 years as a good reason for Child Trafficking??
    If its LUCRATIVE-The Clintons and Satanists would be in it.
    If The Stem Cell therapies provided Anti Ageing The Satanists would be in it.
    If the stem Cell therapies provided anti ageing HOLLYWOOD Would throw their money at it!!

  • fonestar

    Great interview, hope he’s back on again.. if not I’ve bookmarked his site.

    And how do these people at The Clinton Foundation, Media Matters, etc even live with themselves? Sleep at night? Wake up and shave and look in the mirror “I smuggle children or cover it up for a bunch of paedophiles”?

    • Ed_B

      Excellent question. No one who had even a smidgen of a conscience would do that or fail to report others who were doing it. It’s simple ghastly beyond all bounds of civilized human behavior. That’s what civilization is, IMO, a series of lines that are drawn by the consent of the majority that must not be crossed. Maybe what we need are heinous medieval type punishments for those who do heinous crimes? No more Mr. Nice Guy where animals pretending to be people like this are concerned.

  • Larry from Montreal

    This isn’t a topic people, including myself, enjoy talking about. This unspeakable evil perpetrated on innocent young defenseless children is too horrible to contemplate. They must be stopped. I wonder if Kevin Annett is still alive. He’s been dogging these demons for years and has paid a heavy price for it.

    I wish I could receive comments and posts by email but as many times as I try it never works. You are still my goto site Sean. Great work!

  • knowtoomuch

    From John Kaminski :


    ” The real fake news is that Arab terrorists knocked down the Twin Towers. The world is being destroyed by the ripples from that false flag event. Americans are treated as prisoners in their own country, as former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff made millions selling body scanners to airports.

    The real news is that Jewish New York financial kingpins, the ones who run the U.S. Treasury, came up with a perfect plan to dispose of buildings that needed to be torn down, a project that also enabled the war machine to go anywhere and everywhere in search of “terrorists” it has itself invented and hired for the purpose of assaulting the populace and beefing up the police state to unprecedented levels.

    The real money is in weapons that can slaughter large numbers of people, and the Jews who control the United States are masters of this business.

    Jews need to be excluded from civilization, permanently. They can’t be trusted to tell the truth, and they can’t be trusted not to rob people and poison them secretly. Can you say Monsanto?

    As long as we include Jews in the conversation, the problems of the world will never be solved.

    Thanks to the Jews, truth and justice are simply not the American way. Remember that the Superman comic book series was created by two Jews.
    We have been stolen blind by Jew bankers who now seek to supplant us with new pigeons from south of the border.

    People like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton) need to be put in strait jackets for the rest of their unnatural lives and injected with some kind of truth serum to get them to tell us about the crimes they have committed.

    If Trump can stop the tsunami of aliens now destroying the USA and other white countries, that will be enough. Putting Hillary in jail where she belongs would be a bonus.


    Read the rest on

  • Ed_B

    Every group out there has its share of thoroughly rotten despicable people as well as those who do genuine good in this world. In my 60+ years of life experience on Earth, every single time someone comes along and starts talking about this or that group as being bad or evil, they are wrong because they never seem to allow for individuals of that group who make good choices and who are not despicable or evil. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • knowtoomuch

      Ten years ago I started from the same ignorant position as you’re in at this moment, Ed.

      But this pseudo tribe is waging war against Humanity on every front :

      ■ “Holocaust-deprogramming Course” / after having downscrolled the first quarter of the text, please read the SUPER info after the subtitle “Irrefutable Facts ; Auschwitz a Work Camp” :

      Wake up, Ed ..!

      • Ed_B

        Spare me the you don’t know anything and are asleep BS. A great deal of what many believe is utter nonsense but that does not stop them from believing it completely. The phrase “hook, line, and sinker” comes to mind.

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