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Experts Claim Earth’s Magnetic Poles Overdue To Flip: “Could Cause Chaos In Everything”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Scientists are only just beginning to comprehend the dramatic impact that magnetic fields have on our lives, and indeed all life on earth.

And now, they fear that the poles are rapidly shifting, and could indeed flip in our lifetimes. A state of constant change, and the potential for drastic shifts, has made airline travel, communications, the electric, satellites and other infrastructure incredibly vulnerable.

Some of the effects have already been experienced on a low level, and we should take heed of the warnings they give.

Eerily, the very forces of electromagnetism that are used in communications, physics and other branches of science are also integral to brain function, weather patterns – and importantly, the planet’s exposure to solar radiation. Any major disruptions or alterations in this fabric around earth could undo normalcy and trigger utter chaos and destruction.

via Daily Mail:

The alteration in the magnetic field during a reversal will weaken its shielding effect, allowing heightened levels of radiation on and above the Earth’s surface.

Were this to happen today, the increase in charged particles reaching the Earth would result in increased risks for satellites, aviation, and ground-based electrical infrastructure.

Geomagnetic storms… give us a foretaste of what we can expect with a weakened magnetic shield.

In 2003, the so-called Halloween [solar] storm caused local electricity-grid blackouts in Sweden, required the rerouting of flights to avoid communication blackout and radiation risk, and disrupted satellites and communication systems.

But this storm was minor in comparison […] widespread blackouts could result in economic disruption measuring in tens of billions of dollars a day.

In terms of life on Earth and the direct impact of a reversal on our species we cannot definitively predict what will happen …


Indeed, our planet’s history includes at least several hundred global magnetic reversals, where north and south magnetic poles swap places.

So when’s the next one happening and how will it affect life on Earth?

No one knows if we will see a “big one” type of solar event in our lifetime, but scientists definitely think it is possible, and the timing doesn’t seem to be fixed at all. Moreover, even lesser events could be making important alterations, and could be driving long term trends – whether detrimental or a complete disaster.

Reports have flooded in over the past decades of shifting poles, and problems for airplanes and navigation, as well as for GPS and satellite based communications.

The cracking of the ice in Antarctica, and the threats of global melt are also tied to this phenomenon – rather than the CO2 usage of mankind – and appear to be accelerating with important and potentially grave consequences.

The importance of the surrounding magnetic field cannot be overstated, but it is certainly far from being fully understood by science or the general public.

But without it, Earth could not sustain life on the planet. However, with its enveloping regulation of solar radiation and the effect of solar and space events, the inhabitants of Earth can enjoy the positive, life-giving benefits of the sun without being scalded and destroyed by its most harmful effects.

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  • anon

    “Experts Claim Earth’s Magnetic Poles Overdue To Flip: ‘Could Cause Chaos In Everything'”?

    Maybe THAT is just what is needed to give us all the TOTAL RE-SET we all know is needed to avoid the TECHNOCRATIC “JEW” WORLD ORDER.

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