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Economic Collapse Scenario (Episode 2, Day 2)

[Ed. Note: This is #2 of an excellent series being put together by Silver Fortune. His not-so-subtle encouragement is to also remember to stack Federal Reserve Notes in addition to PMs, food, and ammo]

from Silver Fortune:

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1 comment to Economic Collapse Scenario (Episode 2, Day 2)

  • JMiller

    Unrealistic scenario. The European stocks would not be down 20% in one day right after a 28% drop the day before. Especially if the EU central bank was going to do aggressive QE. Stocks would probably take off at least for one day. And the U.S. banks would not be closed and no electronic transfers allowed at this point. That is the last thing the regulators would do. And the DOW would not fall any where near 1800 points in the first 5 minutes at the open. It would take more like a half an hour for all the stocks to open especially with all the order imbalances. Sorry but this guy needs have these events more spread out over a one or two weeks, not just one or two days, to make it even believable. If what this guy says would happen they way he has it, stocks being down 35 to 40 percent in just two days and with all the banks closed, most people would be more in a state panic instead of so relaxed about it.

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