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Economic Collapse Scenario (Episode 1, Day 1)

from Silver Fortune:

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2 comments to Economic Collapse Scenario (Episode 1, Day 1)

  • joey

    Interesting. Looking forward to Episode 2.

  • JMiller

    Another unrealistic scenario just like Bill Holter’s. European stocks would not be down 28% in less than one day just because of a leak (rumor) of a possible insolvency with Deutsche Bank and possible problems with other large European banks. If European stocks would be down it would be more like 5 or 10 percent. And of course the DOW would not be down 4000 points especially with the PPT still around. And gold and silver would probably be up more than just 14 and 9 percent. And of course your ATMs would still be working and there would be no limit on withdrawals so soon. His scenario would take at least several business days, not several hours, to transpire under the worse case scenario. Next time make the scenario a little more believable.

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