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Donald Trump Versus the Globalist “Pusher Man”

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

When asked by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly about Vladimir Putin being a “killer” in an interview last weekend, President Donald Trump turned a new page in American leadership, he told the world the truth. In a world where sensational lies rule hearts and minds, Trump’s words reveal a kind of salvation.

“There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?” – US President Donald Trump

Détente, negotiations of any kind, politics and every form of human interaction on this planet depend on a single premise – trust. The truth of American policies in the last half century is, truth and real trust have been supplanted by apathy or dire, helpless hope. The American people’s sense of “believing” was irreparably damaged in the Vietnam era, further damaged by Watergate, propped up in the Reagan era, and betrayed by successive Bush, Clinton, Bush administrations. Then the Barack Obama administration applied death spike to any sense of America as a credible partner in the world. Our relationships with every country have been utterly compromised.

At home three hundred million souls wander in a hazy fantasyland where one day’s frivolity fades to tomorrow’s nightmare. An elite controlling cabal trickles money and power down through the top 10%, bleeding the rest like some sinister creatures from a Sci-Fi classic. Half of society in America is drugged with the endless stream of self-gratifying goods and comfort foods. The other half of the country clung in silence to their old TV shows, small town legends, and the churches and synagogues that teeter perilously in between God and Satan. Morals transfigured into a kind of masochistic new freedom compel ignorance and meanness on a level that is biblical. Past presidents have been the big street dealers of these drugs, the urban legends addicts illuminate as “super cool” and above it all. Obama was a kind of celebrity for two generations of dopamine addicts – a man set in place to finally ruin it all.

These ideas, this reality is an impossible pill for most Americans to swallow. The reset a societal consciousness, to embrace a real truth, is something human organisms find nearly impossible. In order for the left wing radical college student to construct a real truth today, he or she must totally deconstruct a living system promulgated from a fallacy. For America to accept the real truth of its legacy, the country will have to deconstruct itself first. Enter President Donald Trump – the anti-politician.

Putin is a killer! Nobody has come close to proving this. It’s amazing too, considering the trillions of dollars spent trying! Step back, think about it. Where is the certifiable proof the Russian president did any one thing he is accused of? There is none. Let me say it again, there is no proof Putin has been complicit in any crime. He has done his job. He has represented HIS people. In the four years I have researched, analyzed, studied, and reported on Putin’s affairs and leadership, there is exactly one untrue statement. It involved a covert plan to secure safety for Russian speaking people in Crimea – the so-called “Little Green Men” who secured Russia’s bases in that peninsula, they could not be announced for obvious reasons. Don’t take my word, find a “smoking gun” lie on Vladimir Putin. You can’t. All you’ll find are groundless or cooked up allegations. Considering the weight of these allegations, the sheer number of them, you’ll also reach the same conclusion as me – Putin’s enemies have been the liars.

This simple truth is a template for studying Donald Trump as well. The new American president has been in office two weeks and already he’s accused of everything imaginable. Billions of dollars have already been spent in an attempt to discredit or destroy him. Racist, sexist, incompetent, liar, cheating businessman, fascist – the enemies of Donald Trump are the enemies of the real truth. Anyone who looks closely can see this. Corporations that made billions of the drug of self gratification hate Trump like a beast. Silicon Valley and all of California are like rabid animals willing to eat off their own paws to free themselves from Trump’s “truth trap”. The media has been the purveyor of the big American lie, you by God you all know this. Hollywood has the people believing Rambo or Superman will rescue America if things get bad. US soldiers in Afghanistan did not die and lose, the X-Men have just not arrived yet! This is not cynicism on the part of a disillusioned American, this is a cruel reality.

Trump stood before a record TV audience on inauguration day. He stood naked and alone in front of the world to proclaim truths no politician has been courageous enough to proclaim. Rabid in their clown suits of ultra-liberalism the “New New Left” screamed, cried, and attacked like soulless zombies – they could not hear. They did not care to even try. Look at what Donald Trump said, then look at what he is doing now. Snap out of it! This is the truth. Let me show you the monumental truth Donald Trump had the courage to profess.

“For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.”

President Trump went on to proclaim that what is important now is “not which party is in control of the government, but that government is controlled by the people again.” This is vital for understanding my point, the “people” have not been in control of America for decades. America has been drugged and date raped – grasp this. Trump’s further conviction on inauguration day struck at the heart of the leftist and elitist lie, he said America must exist to serve her people – he meant all of her people, not just those that want a free ride, free abortions, and free transgender sex in the streets. “We” are all Americans, my distaste for parading LGBT radicals in our streets is valid – and my distaste does not make me a homophobe. I have the right to say this. I have the right to vote against this. This is what America is about.

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