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DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Time To Boycott Hollywood, All Year Long!

from David Seaman:

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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5 comments to DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS: Time To Boycott Hollywood, All Year Long!

  • boyo

    Done and DONE !!! Way ahead of the bell curve here.

  • Eric

    Free movies from Hollywood.

    Stop paying them. Just google “free movies.”

  • f16hoser

    I’m all in. We voted Trump in. Now, let’s vote with our dollars and put the hurt on these Liberal Scum-bags.

  • anon

    +1, boyo, Eric, and f16hoser.

    (Just for the record, I was telling people to boycott Hollywood YEARS ago).

  • Ed_B

    I haven’t been to the movies since Atlas Shrugged – Part I was released. I am also VERY selective about which movie I will watch and when I do watch them, it is most often via Red Box and not via going to the theaters. Personally, I prefer classic movies of the 1940s through the 1960s. Other than these and a few excellent movies, I refuse to watch about 98% of the crap that Hollyweird spews and calls “entertainment”.

    Between Red Box and Netflix, there is a great deal that one can watch without sending big bucks to the nitwits in Hollyweird. Everyone needs to choose their own method of fighting this libtard nonsense and this is mine. Other methods are just as valid and suit others, which is fine. As long as something is done to starve this nonsense out, it will be good.

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