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Deep State And Its Allies Risk a Soft “Public Coup”, But Trump Rebuffs Their Advance!

from The Wealth Watchman:

Folks, I wanted to share with you my personal experiences and thoughts during my recent trip to D.C. You see, I’d gone there to meet some friends, in order to attend the Trump inauguration 1 month ago. I’d hoped Trump would live up to my very lofty, anti-globalist expectations. What I witnessed about Trump surprised me in the best way, but my experience in D.C. also reminded me….we are in for some very dark times. I’ll explain in a moment, but first things first…

The Deep State Makes a Move: There have been many doubters of Trump’s sincerity in his speeches and promises. Many of them are being made believers day by day. Recently, however, it’s been the actions of the globalist, rogue elements of the CIA, FBI, NSA(Deep State), etc that have been red-pilling millions of normal people about how the government and powers that be have really worked.

These agents have been laboring toward a globalist agenda for years, and they personally opposed Trump at every step of the election.

Only recently though, have we witnessed just how panicked they are by President Trump.  Here’s what I mean.  The Deep State, or “shadow government” thrives on secrecy; secrecy including their very existence.  Most folks, outside of our circles in the free-media, had never even heard the phrase “Deep State” until the last several weeks.  Now the buzz about these guys is on everyone’s lips.  Think of it!

Huge red pill.  Folks’ eyes are opening very rapidly.

This was always the greatest danger about “going public”, and showing that the intelligence community was another government power with its own agenda, which believes it can supersede elected officials.  Now millions more understand that there are literally 2 governments vying for control, at the same time…and they’re extremely disturbed at this revelation.  I’ve spoken with alot of folks who didn’t realize this tectonic struggle was going on at all.

Julian Assange put it rather well:


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