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David vs. Goliath: Health Ranger vs. Google

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from TheHealthRanger:

Mike Adams reveals more details about his epic “David vs. Goliath” battle against Google, a monopolist, Orwellian, evil organization that’s now deliberately suppressing human knowledge.

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15 comments to David vs. Goliath: Health Ranger vs. Google

  • knowtoomuch

    And Mike never even talked about the totally FAKE “gas chambers” during WW2 on his site

    ■ “Holocaust-deprogramming Course” / after having scrolled down the first quarter of the text, you’ll see the subtitle “Irrefutable Facts ; Auschwitz a Work Camp” . Begin reading there.AMAZING info on the totally FAKE gas chambers of Auschwitz :

    Roughly 21 gas chamber locations were “proven” during the Nurnberg (kangaroo) trials.
    Around 1980 half of them were already debunked. Eight or nine others followed ten years afterwards, leaving ONLY Auschwitz “intact”.

    But of course this one too is a TOTAL HOAX ! ! !

    • SGT

      You are NOT going to hijack this thread. Leaving one of your comments, the other three have been put in the spam folder.

      • Jeff

        Much appreciated SGT. Hardly ever come to the comments section anymore here because of the hijacking.

      • knowtoomuch

        Fair enough Sean !

        And it’s probably true I exagerated in my posts and its content.

        But after 10+ years of “self investigation” I’m realizing more and more that (even) the above subject is very well linked to Mike’s “problem”

        I’ll try to put another link in a post right below this one.

        So thanks for leaving at least one comment uncensored ; no problem !

        (I’m banned almost everywhere)

      • Allender

        Sean, SGT has some of the finest content and presentation on the Net. Infowars, Natural News…and look at what has happened to Veterans Today! This creeping attack on truth is accelerating. Much of what we see in SGT’s comment section decays into personal personal obscurities seeming too coordinated to be simple and random ad hominem ego wrestling.

        Planned, paid-for disruptions of clear message; indicative of the importance of SGT? Will SGT suffer the same establishment verification of your content being too important for exposure to too many eyes and minds?

        First “they” came for…such as Natural News; then “their” agenda seething and writhing with debt slavery (generations into the future), pedophilia, War On Public Intelligence—the absolute War On Humanity, desperation to once and for a microscopic Satanic elite, crush any roots and stems and leaves and flowers of the Human Potential.

        One of the most coveted objectives of the Satanic elite—right up there with continuous war-for-profit: ARRESTED HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (AHD).

        Gotta give humanity credit for even surviving the cornucopia of assault and battery and pulverization of the human spirit.

        Long live SGT.

    • Angel

      “Mike never even talked about the totally FAKE “gas chambers” during WW2 on his site” Why on Earth WOULD the Health Ranger talk about WWII gas chambers on a site that deals primarily with HEALTH and NUTRITION???

      Can you answer that, Sport? Way to go completely OFF TOPIC

  • F16hoser

    K-T-M: “Fat, Dumb and Stupid is no way to go thru life son. Put on your big-boy pants, get a job and move-out of your grandma’s basement. Glad I could help.”
    Also, the Health Ranger and SGT Report are Modern Day Warriors for Truth and Justice in what is probably the most corrupt Government on the planet.

    • knowtoomuch

      Just go refuel the jews in the air, as did by your comment, you IG-NO-RANT ! ! !

      But then again, I would’ve made the same mistake ten years ago.

      So no hard feelings whatsoever !


  • knowtoomuch

    Ok, look, let’s just drop “my” “J-subject” and stay focused on “Mike’s problem with Google”.


    ONLY the consequences seem to be interesting for you guys, NOT the CAUSE

    Trolls or ordinary (indoctrinated) people ; the result is the same.

    Conforming to your programming.


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