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Conservative Endorses Gross Immorality! You Okay with THIS?!?

from HighImpactFlix:

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2 comments to Conservative Endorses Gross Immorality! You Okay with THIS?!?

  • Eric

    Nothing arbitrary or oppressive about the rule of law.

    Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 305:
    consent. “A concurrence of wills. Voluntarily yielding the will to the proposition of another; acquiescence or compliance therewith. Agreement; approval; permission; the act or result of coming into harmony or accord. Consent is an act of reason, accompanied with deliberation, the mind weighing as in a balance the good or evil on each side. It means voluntary agreement by a person in the possession and exercise of sufficient mental capacity to make an intelligent choice to do something proposed by another. It supposes a physical power to act, a moral power of acting, and a serious, determined, and free use of these powers. Consent is implied in every agreement. It is an act unclouded by fraud, duress, or sometimes even mistake.

    Willingness in fact that an act or an invasion of an interest shall take place. Restatement, Second, Torts §10A.

    As used in the law of rape “consent” means consent of the will, and submission under the influence of fear or terror cannot amount to real consent. There must be an exercise of intelligence based on knowledge of its significance and moral quality and there must be a choice between resistance and assent. And if a woman resists to the point where further resistance would be useless or until her resistance is overcome by force or violence, submission thereafter is not “consent”.

    See also Acquiescence; Age of consent; Assent; Connivance; Informed consent;” voluntary.

    [Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 305]

    Abe Lincoln’s Speech, Peoria, Illinois, Oct 16, 1854

    “No man is good enough to govern another man without that others consent.”

    [Abe Lincoln’s Speech, Peoria, Illinois, Oct 16, 1854]

  • Millicent

    Milo Faggopolis… Nothing new under the Sun: Solomon

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