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CNN Talking Head Goes On Twitter Meltdown

from Susan Duclos:

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2 comments to CNN Talking Head Goes On Twitter Meltdown

  • Dear SGT, this “CNN talking head” you speak of is a Cuomo…Hes the brother of the Governor of NY and son long time wiseguy Mario Cuomo….This is the 4th story on this guy you’ve had in the last week (same guy who said fake news = “n” word) and you’ve not once listed this guy as the brother of the Governor…You’d think one author or someone at SGT would’ve seen this…..

  • Furthermore Mika Brez and her comment on the point of the media being mind control shouldve led to titles including the info that she is Zbigneiw’s (no idea how to spell this scumbags name)daughter, but no, didnt see that…Its way easier to see the stranglehold they have when you guys point out that the anchors themselves are family members of the elite, but you guys are dropping the ball HARD…..come on SGT

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