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China Can’t Beat The BULL Out Of BITCOIN — Andrew Hofman

from SGT Report:

Andy Hoffman returns to SGT report to discuss Trump, the global and domestic economy, currency trade wars, the massive build up in oil inventories, and of course gold, silver and Bitcoin – which as Andy points out, is impervious to attacks by the Chinese government against Bitcoin exchanges there. “It’s all falling apart for the powers that be,” Hoffman says.

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77 comments to China Can’t Beat The BULL Out Of BITCOIN — Andrew Hofman

  • Eric

    The regressive left. Free thinkers will rule the world.

    • mike

      Eric is stupid…That’s what I took away from this interview..Seemed like a very clear message aimed directly at Eric..The gold community is not against btc, hell some have actually used btc to buy pms, like me for instance…The only haters are Eric and his sidekick krell..Already spamming all over this board, sad.

    • fonestar

      fonestar took a little trip up north and went into an antique store. Found some oldec0in there. Paid too much but bought all teh guy’s Indian Head Cents. No silver, but it’s important to have tens of thousands of V Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Cents and Wheat Cents too. I need to find some Shield Nickels and III Cent Pieces, those were some of teh prettiest coins the USA ever made.

  • Eric

    The fair value of bitcoin is zero. Or…

    The fair value of one bitcoin is one bitcoin.

    Buyer beware.

    “Cue the butt apologists immediately attacking the messenger…

    P.S. 1 BTC=1 BTC only if you morons can build an economy denominated in BTC. That won’t happen because you alienate all newcomers with your assholery, repel women, and generally relegate butts to use for drugs and gambling.”

      • Eric

        As for Bitcurex, their motto was “When you invest in what you believe, you are ahead of the rest.” We urge everyone to be more focused on facts rather than beliefs and do their due diligence.

        Gawddamn right!

          • Eric

            Was in Poland once 20 years ago. Very nice and hospitable people there.

            I still think GoldMoney is a better option. Their shares were up 7% today. Should be an easy double.

            • KRELL427

              My grandfather sent us there in 1974 to see because he was born in Zakopane. I was 10 years old and had a Car Craft magazine with Bill Jenkins on the cover for reading in the car. We visited Auschwitz and got to see the movie but when the tour guide saw the age of my brother and I she freaked out and would not let us go on the tour. My dad weNt alone while we waited in the car with our mother. We got some propaganda books to read from the souvenir shop while dad told us of his tour.

              • fonestar

                I would like to see all teh BTC exchanges go belly up. Most of them are using the fractional-reserve model and are hurting Bitcoin. If the exchanges disappeared we would see an explosion in Bitcoin price for real, “physical” Bitcoins held in private wallets.

              • Eric

                fonestar, there is no such thing as a “physical” bitcoin. Only physical PAPER wallets.

                Krell, I went on a tour of Buchenwald while I was there too. It was nicely staged to make sure everyone was in tears with absolutely zero proof.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                Back in 2013…me & my girlfriend traveled by bus, thru Poland from top to bottom on our way to visit Hungary, Czech Republic & Austria. The bus only stopped for fuel & snacks, so I only got to see Poland thru the window.

                Back about 2006… I had a 24 hour layover in Warsaw Poland, and spent that day walking around the city around my hotel, and enjoyed the famous big “indoor market” with hundreds of vendors.

                On the streets outside, even found some American fast food and enjoyed it well. (Dominos Pizza had better dough-crust than in the USA. I also walked past a KFC, Burger King and of course, McDonald’s.)

                Poland is a nice looking country. It also has a pretty large community of American retirees.

                I think I liked Hungary best, and the winters are a bit more mild in Hungary, but still gets plenty cold.

                99% of all my “Europe time” was spent in Lithuania. I’d like to see also Latvia & Estonia. The region is not overly westernized. Clean, well stocked shops, but not overcrowded, and scant few muslims, etc. The “Baltic states” have plenty of “Eastern European charm” & some “drabness” at the same time.

                The Muslims are destroying every place they gather. I’ve heard this from French, Germans, Brits, Swedes and more. The world of the future, is going to be a more difficult place to find non-muslim areas to live.

                • Eric

                  The persians aren’t as bad. The shias vs. the sunnis. Not terribly intelligent but not stupid either. You can forget about the arabs. Persian men are stubborn arrogant greedy high testosterone assholes. But they’re basically italians which migrated from Iran.

                  Persian women on the other hand… I have nothing but good things to say about.

                • Eric

                  Good food from the persians too. They’re good people. They just don’t understand western civilization like the rest of us.

                  It’s a shame the Israeli Zionist assholes have to demonize them so much.

                  I think we all know who the real problem is.

                • Eric

                  Lots of persians in L.A.

                  Like I said, the women are very fine.

                  But the men, I will just add that they demand respect. And they definitely do not always deserve it. They have some serious lessons about the world that they need to learn. And the white european Americans will teach them and be hated for it. You won’t win a fist fight with a persian most likely. And they can be hostile when they’re frustrated. But this is a case where brains will overcomb their brawn. The pen is mightier than the sword. They’re not stupid. They just aren’t as intelligent. Mostly good people though. Just treat them with respect and you’re golden. Lessons I have learn pissing persians off over the years.

                • mike

                  Persian girls are fun until you have a baby boy complete with mustache and hairy chest screaming jihad…”Jihad papa”? No little Johnny no jihad..

                  Persians, it’s a jungle down there, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Eric

    First Majestic Silver up 32.79% YTD
    Bitcoin up 7.11% YTD

    • Eric

      I don’t hate bitcoin. I just prefer Gold. But Andy is right, we need to be working together. Not against each other.

      Palladium up 12.89% YTD
      Platinum up 12.29% YTD
      Oats up 11.82% YTD
      Lumber up 11.38% YTD
      Lean Hogs up 11.04% YTD
      Silver up 11.01% YTD
      Gold up 7.5% YTD

  • Eric

    Bannon’s comment is based off The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

    Anyone who has read this book knows that there’s very little chance of any of this resolving itself without a major war.

    Keep preparing for the worst.

  • Stephen G

    Rumania-300,000 people brave cold to protest as Soros new Govt stooges try to asset strip from the people!

  • John Daniels

    Hogman is a traitor to the cause of liberation from the NWO. Hogman begins by repeating the pedophile cabal meme: that Trump is making enemies of the world. Next Hogman contradicts himself by reporting that many countries of the world are electing nationalists like Trump.

    Internet big-mouths like Hogman have done nothing to fix the system. Whereas Trump is out there combating the pedophile cabal. And as Trump attacks the filthy communists, the big-mouths squeal that Trump is cruel.

  • So The Guardian is “Mockingbird Media” now? I don’t agree with their politics and clearly you don’t either, Sean, but come on. There one of the few outlets who’ve done real investigative journalism. Something tells me you haven’t actually read The Guardian.

    Fuck, it was just a few weeks ago you were singing the praises of Seymour Hersh while discussing George Webb; Hersh WRITES FOR THE GUARDIAN. For Christ’s sake, he had to leave the damn country to publish his work on Syrian Rat Lines. Credit where credit is due, shit.

  • Don

    I will spell this out, and hope some of you can put aside your hate for btc to comprehend this. The blockchain (or one like it) will eventually be used to record everything of worth. Miners are constantly checking blockchain for validity and honesty. Their reward is bitcoin. As more information is added to blockchain, btc will skyrocket.
    It will be backed by EVERYTHING.

    • Eric

      If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.

      The title deed of my house is registered with the county. But it’s just a roof over my head I have to pay for.

      If the SHTF, I won’t hesitate to grab my box of Gold and run if need be. Otherwise, can’t do much else.

  • Don

    Good video for btc beginners. This particular exchange is re why Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared.

  • Steelerdude

    You know SGTReport, you really need to set a limit on comments under the subject per
    ip address….

    This site is getting so trashy with the regulars here….just look at the comments
    under this subject….

    • Eric

      If you would like to limit free speech, you may want to try Berkeley, California first.

      Which part of the site is trashy exactly? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Steelerdude

        you bickering with fonestar and everyone else on the board….

        do you know when to shut up Eric? you never do and you think you are always right!

        when I see more than 15 comments on subject, I know you have absolutely thrashed it

        • Eric

          So your beef is with the quantity of comments in the comment section and the discussion that ensues?

          That makes a lot of sense.

          If you think I am wrong about something, tell me so we can discuss it in a civil manner.

          Be a man. Don’t go crying to Sean.

          Did you invest heavily in Bitcoin or something?

          • mike

            Eric you’re a troll and a spammer…Nothing more.

            • Eric


              I provide good well researched and documented information.

              You on the other hand lie about everything and provide nothing.

              Big difference.

              • mike

                How does 99% of what you provide have anything at all to do with anything? You’re a pathetic troll spammer, that’s it. Thats called spamming and trolling.Keep your opinions to yourself unless on topic…Total moron.

                • Eric

                  See my comments above about war, bitcoin, mining companies, technical levels and performance of different assets.

                  Did you even listen to this interview?

                  Please point everyone here to your “on topic” comments mike.

                • KRELL427

                  See Mike’s comments, Millicent whanna be.

                  In the real world, Trump signs 3 executive orders today, I wonder what 6 he removed.

                • Eric

                  It’s rather refreshing to see Millicent and fonestar behaving themselves. Mike could learn a valuable lesson from them. Not that he knows anything about value.

                  I believe that was related to regulations, not EO’s.

                • Steelerdude

                  Agree with you Mike….99% of what eric posts is worthless….and he thinks he is right 100% of the time…ugh!

                  eric needs to get a life and quit posting comments all day long on SGTreport

                  eric do you know what day it is? I bet you go through withdrawls on slow days here at SGTreport

                  actually, sgtreport should just take away the comments like brotherjohn has….

                • Eric

                  Steelerdude should prove me wrong or else point out where he thinks I am wrong about something so that it may be discussed in a rational manner. That is the only way to learn anything.

                  I guess he didn’t see the part above or listen to this interview where Andy and I both said we should be working together rather than against each other.

                  I also have not seen one comment from him that is helpful in any manner to anyone. Only ad hominem attacks toward me.

                  Unbelieveable! Millicent and fonestar start behaving themselves and get with the program and another takes their place.

                  Talk about worthless! Grow UP!

                • Steelerdude

                  “It’s rather refreshing to see Millicent and fonestar behaving themselves. Mike could learn a valuable lesson from them. Not that he knows anything about value.”

                  This is exactly what I am talking about Eric…everyone needs to be approved by you….your not a team player and offer nothing to the board but what you think everyone wants to hear…

                  my last comment: “if the shtf in this country and teams are assembled to survive this crises, I know you will be in charge of peeling potatoes!”

                • Eric

                  Honestly, that’s between mike and I. He attacks me constantly without any kind of real argument and I have to continuously go on the counter attack just to defend myself with him. If he could validate his argument or at least his opinion, with some kind of proof, then we might actually make some progress.

                  Check out his very first comment on this thread. And tell me where I am wrong about what I just said.

                  I am very much a team player. But that all depends on whose team you are on?

                  I don’t peel my potatoes. The skins have nearly half your daily value of vitamin C, more potassium than a banana, a good source of vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. But I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

                • mike

                  You two two are epic spammers and complete morons..Krell your doing a disservice to you fellow Canadians.People already look at Canadians as 3rd world retarded backwards backwoods sodomizers of men, like deliverance on steroids, and you’re just enforcing the stereotype.
                  Eric apparently is just and absolute retard who lives in the retard capital of the US. Total moron of zero value.

                • Eric

                  see what I mean?

                • KRELL427

                  Jeff Foxworthy must have been Mike’s neighbor at one time. That’s how he came up with he 300 reason list.

                • Eric

                  Bitcoin up 2.95% YTD
                  Palladium up 14.88% YTD

  • Bulliondude

    And its gone in China…..

    Bitcoin Plunges After Chinese Exchanges Suspend Bitcoin Withdrawals

  • dcm

    Take a listen do you think this is BS

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