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Chart Update: Why The Uranium Market Could Be A Hidden Treasure For 2017

from WallStForMainSt:

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4 comments to Chart Update: Why The Uranium Market Could Be A Hidden Treasure For 2017

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Why are some people SOoo desperate to make money, that they are willing to “deal in death & poison and world wide extinction?”

    Gee, let’s invest in world wide nuclear power and also invest in military nuclear weapons, biological weapons, etc etc.

    Thankfully, because of Fukushima, and the way it’s making TOSHIBA on it’s way to going out of business, and it’s impacting WESTINGHOUSE in very bad ways, because those Westinghouse reactor designs are flawed and they TOO are losing money because of nuclear stuff.

    The number of “reactors in construction” has come to a screeching halt, and humans all over the world are sharply against nuclear power.

    Another thing to consider, the price of building & starting a reactor, used to be about $1 / watt (One billion dollars for a One gigawatt plant), but the DECOMMISSIONING costs are turning out to be TEN times higher (and a single “accident” can be THOUSANDS or millions times higher.

    BUT, the price of setting up SOLAR FARMS used to be about $1-$1.50/watt but has DROPPED dramatically from those prices.

    Wind power has greatly improved as well. More output, less cost, more reliable.

    Just don’t invest in California Hyrdo power (leaky dams).

    • Eric

      Are you letting your emotions control your investment decisions Craig? Emotions have no place in any portfolio remember?

      It has nothing to do with “dealing in death & poison and world wide extinction.” Where ever you got that from. Simple fact is the world needs energy and that is not going away. 20% of the homes in the US are powered with nuclear. And China has 36 reactors with 20 more under construction. So not exactly a “screeching halt.”

      Aside from the daiichi reactor at Fukushima which in my opinion is the largest environmental disaster of all time, uranium-235 can produce two to three million times the energy equivalent of oil or coal.

      While it is far more toxic, dangerous, and deadly, it is also much more cost efficient and cleaner (when disposed of properly).

      I’m not a fan of nuclear power plants because of the environmental concerns, but they’re not going away anytime soon either. And while I do like to invest in high quality companies, the likelihood of an environmental disaster from the mining and extraction of uranium is much lower than it is from a nuclear power plant.

      Aside from that, if anyone plans to invest in uranium be cautious. We have already seen a big move up from the bottom with some consolidation and selling at the moment. There is an 8 year above ground supply of uranium stock so we’re not going to run out anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the price dropped quite a bit more. A move down to $20/pound and I’d be buying up uranium stocks like crazy. Not sure if it will go that low. Until then, I think I’ll just add a little on the dips. When they go up, they go up fast. But they can sell off quickly too. This is definitely a turn around year for uranium which I am very bullish on. But I don’t expect it to skyrocket tomorrow either. Gonna need more Trump tweets for that.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Yes, it’s always bad to allow “emotions” to rule investment decisions, but it’s also bad to allow our personal greed to drive our investment choices.

        Like you admitted to, the world does need energy, but I see uranium mining and sales, as the first step in the chain reaction of eventual nuclear plant disasters as well as uranium drives the military world into their own greed of more weapons, and both of those things (in my opinion) are detrimental to all forms of life on this planet.
        So, I see it as a bad thing to support any type of uranium business and giving it any money to continue existing in any form.

        Another great point you brought up, is there is an 8 year supply of ‘above ground uranium’. (as well as the reduction in the number of power plants that are scheduled to be built.)

        Question. What would happen if the world had an 8yr supply of above ground crude oil, gas, diesel, etc? The price would crash far more than it already has. The world’s above ground supply of crude oil, is less than 6 months, and the price crashed by more than 50%, and it’s only at $50 because they keep propping it up with all the stories of “unexepected draw downs” (even though the gasoline consumption numbers are very low.)

        So, with an 8yr supply or U235, it may turn out that today’s prices are falsely propped up, and may fall down to sub-$10/pound, or even sub $5/Lb, I hope the days of any type of business in U235 to be dead.

        Also, are the competitive prices for a 1GW nuclear plant now is far higher than $1B dollars, and the cost of a 1GW wind farm or solar farm has fallen UNDER that price. The permitting process and safety requirements are vastly easier for non nuclear power.

        When a wind turbine or solar system blows up or ‘melts down’, the only people who are killed are the ones who were standing under it when it falls. The cleanup consists of hiring people to go to the site and pick up all the pieces, even with their bare hands, load it onto trucks to be recycled. There is not any contaminated air, water, or soil to deal with for a billion years.

        I do admit to allowing some of my emotions drive me far away from anything to do with stuff that can kill me, whether directly in front of my face, or from the opposite side of the planet (Fukushima). I won’t support islam for the same reasons. I won’t support Monsanto either, and I don’t care how much of a “good deal” it might be. Even if they were going to make me wealthy from buying Monsanto (Bayer) stocks. I won’t give them a penny of my money because it would be a penny spent towards the destruction of my own environment.

        • Eric

          Craig, I totally disagree with you. Isn’t the point of investing to make money? If it was a shitty company doing illegal and immoral things I would withdraw my capital. But U3O8 is just another mineral humans pull out of the ground. I once had a friend who said, “it just feels like we’re raping the earth.” I understood his point but most mining is done in a responsible way. And there’s that word… feel.

          Are you sure all of the Silver you stack is not from a uranium mine that has Silver as a by product? Food for thought.

          If one doesn’t personally want to support nuclear of course the best thing is to be sure they consume no energy that way.

          There is no reduction that I know of plants being built. More are being planned. At least in China.

          As for oil, I don’t know. But I would not assume the price would crash that way. The world consumes these products in vast sums. There will always be above ground stock and there will always be a market. But you know as well as I do, if the fair value of everything was discovered, oil, uranium, Silver everything would be priced in either Gold or USD at multiples higher than they are now. Instead of $10-$25/per pound or ounce it would be more like $1000-$2500 per pound or ounce.

          If you really want to make a difference, go convert every home in America to run on wind and solar. But make sure none of the Silver in those solar panels isn’t a by product of a uranium mine or a company that mines uranium. Good luck with that. I’d rather get wealthy and help others where ever possible.

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