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Can’t Happen Here? 75 Years Ago, a President’s Executive Order Put US Citizens in Prison Camps

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:

Authorities swarmed towns, knocking on doors, questioning neighbors, rounding up those who now, suddenly, didn’t belong — couldn’t be considered Americans — to detain them until the problem could be sorted out. Later.

Those targeted by the sweeps cowered in fear of being ripped from the familiarity of daily life — knowing, ultimately, the unreal had become the new reality — and the situation would never return to a static ‘normal.’

Although this could facilely describe present-day ICE raids and the detainment and deportation of people living in the U.S. without official approval, this has happened before — and though our previous flirtation with discriminatory fascism might have been a bit uglier, nothing prevents the same from happening today.

Today marks the Day of Remembrance, because on February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, opening one of the nastiest chapters in United States history — the mass internment of Japanese Americans.

And while much discussion has been made of President Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall, immigrant raids, and Muslim-majority nation immigration ban, for swaths of the country, the predominant sentiment still comprises some version of, it can’t happen here.

But it can. It did.

And the abomination of Japanese American internment camps — where more than two-thirds of the 120,000 detainees had been born in the United States — must not be forgotten, understated, or passed over like an historical anomaly. Because that’s precisely why our more abhorrent moments creep from the past, transformed into modern, and oft worse, manifestations of an evil we thought swept into history’s dustbin — collective memory lapse nearly guarantees a repeat performance.

Will we ever learn?

“When the order was first signed, there was uncertainty,” writes U.S. Representative Doris Matsui of Roosevelt’s decree for Quartz. “Who, exactly, was impacted by this? Where would they and their families go? What would happen to their businesses? Their homes? Details about the implementation of the order were unclear, and families faced confusion and fear about what would happen to them. With the stroke of a pen, their future was suddenly unknown. People’s lives had changed and they couldn’t even be sure how.

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8 comments to Can’t Happen Here? 75 Years Ago, a President’s Executive Order Put US Citizens in Prison Camps

  • anon

    The study of History is SO important, if we are to ~ ever ~ comprehend where exactly we are today, and how exactly we arrived here.

    THIS may be of interest, to those who wish to LEARN SOMETHING. Huh. Imagine that.

    THE MODERN ANGLO-DUTCH EMPIRE: It’s Origins, Evolution & Outlook, by R.D. Ingraham

    (free .pdf)

    Quotes from the .pdf, above:

    “From the period of the first Crusade in 1099 [AD] through to the collapse and depopulation of the Black Death in 1347-1351, Europe was dominated by this first manifestation of a Venetian empire.”

    “Much like the financial vultures of today, the Lombard bankers not only drove their victims into debt, but used that debt to seize real assets. By 1325, for example, the Peruzzi bank owned all of the revenues of the Kingdom of Naples, the most productive grain belt of the entire Mediterranean area. In Castile and England the entirety of wool production was pledged as collateral for the Lombard loans. The situation in France, Hungary, and elsewhere was similar. Europe was transformed into a gigantic
    tax farm as local rulers looted their economies and people to send money across the Alps.”

    “By 1300 whole sections of Europe were experiencing severe economic decline, food shortages, and loss of population. Continentwide famines struck in 1314-17, and again in 1328-9. The financial bubble began to burst in the 1320s, with a first wave of Lombard banking failures. Financial doomsday arrived in 1342-1345 with the collapse of the Acciaiuoli, Buonacorsi, Bardi, and Peruzzi banking houses.”

    “The bubonic plague swept across Europe from 1347 to 1351, killing an estimated 30 percent of the population, and in many areas far more than 50 percent. From 1351 through to the early 15th century, the population declined further, as disease, famine and economic devastation played themselves out.”

    • anon

      Question: What was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s MIDDLE NAME?

      Answer: DELANO.

      “Amasa Delano (1763-1823) was a descendant of the shipbuilding Delanos of Duxbury, Massachusetts, a family that was engaged in Far Eastern trade for several generations and whose members included forebears of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”

      Huh. A family that was engaged in Far Eastern trade for several generations…

      Delano’s Voyages of Commerce and Discovery, by Seagraves Eleanor Roosevelt (Editor)

      Interesting. I wonder if that Far Eastern trade was in Tea, or Opium?

      • anon

        “4. The Delano Family. Warren Delano, Jr., the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was chief of operations for Russell & Co., another Boston trading firm which did big business in the China opium trade in Canton. He first went to China at age 24 and spent a decade dealing dope on the Pearl River before returning to New York as a newly wealthy and very eligible bachelor. He admitted in letters home that opium had an ‘unhappy effect’ on its users, but argued that its sale was ‘fair, honorable, and legitimate,’ akin to importing wine and spirits to America. Delano lost his fortune in the Great Panic of 1857, but returned to China and rebuilt it in part by supplying the US military with opium to treat Union soldiers in the Civil War. The Delanos don’t like to talk about the opium connection much. As FDR biographer Geoffrey C. Ward noted, ‘In a family fond of retelling and embellishing even the mildest sort of ancestral adventures, no stories seem to have been handed down concerning Warren Delano’s genuinely adventurous career in the opium business.'”

        Source: 5 Elite Families Who Made Their Fortunes in the Opium Trade

    • anon

      More quotes, from ~

      THE MODERN ANGLO-DUTCH EMPIRE: It’s Origins, Evolution & Outlook, by R.D. Ingraham

      “This banking revolution was the Giovani’s answer to the Renaissance threat of the sovereign Commonwealth. Under this new banking system, all of the the pre-1400
      usurious practices of the Lombard bankers were retained, but, essentially, rather than have private family banks loan money to the state, the innovation was to have the financial oligarchy simply take over the state, i.e., to eradicate any principle of national sovereignty, to eliminate the idea of the Common Good, and to make the state
      itself an arm of the financial oligarchy. That, in essence, is the Anglo-Dutch
      financial system.” (pg. 22, of the .pdf)

      “The Bank of Venice and the Casa di San Giorgio were merely first steps towards
      a new banking paradigm, and their later emulators in Amsterdam and London would go much further in creating an entirely new form of financial empire.”

      “The Bank of Venice became the direct inspiration for the 1609 Bank of Amsterdam, and together, these two banks were the model for the Bank of England in 1694. People, writing at that time, were very aware, and very explicit, that the new financial model was derived from Venice.”

      • anon

        ONE more quote ~

        “For the oligarchical fondi [financiers], it is not the individual Venetian, Spanish, Dutch or British empires which are important. Nations are obstacles to the oligarchy. For the fondi it is the System of Empire that is fundamental. With the creation of the Banco della Piazza di Rialto, and its later imitators in Amsterdam and London, the oligarchy had invented, not national banks, but the beginnings of what we would call today private central banking.” (pg. 23 of the .pdf)

        Source: THE MODERN ANGLO-DUTCH EMPIRE: It’s Origins, Evolution & Outlook, by R.D. Ingraham

        Remember the WARBURG Family? “We shall have world government, whether or not you like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” — James Paul Warburg, member of the WARBURG FAMILY, descendants of the 16th Century VENETIAN (“Del Banco”) Banking Family!, Foreign Agents for the Rothschild Dynasty, and major players in the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act (scam) of Dec. 23, 1913 (speaking on February 17, 1950, before the U.S. Senate)

        Source: 1001 Quotes By and About Jews (mainly on the topic of Jewish Supremacism)

        Wait a sec! What exactly is a descendant of a 16th Century VENETIAN (“Del Banco”) BANKING Family doing co-creating the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” System in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!, in 1913?

  • anon

    “Claes Maartenszen van Rosenvelt, the immigrant ancestor of the Roosevelt family, arrived in Nieuw Amsterdam (present day New York City) some time between 1638 and 1649. Around the year 1652, he bought a farm from Lambert van Valckenburgh comprising twenty-four morgens (48 acres (190,000 m2)) in what is now Midtown Manhattan, including the present site of the Empire State Building.[7] The property included roughly what is now the area between Lexington Avenue and Fifth Avenue bounded by 29th St. and 35th St.”


    The Roosevelts has some serious $$, apparently. (Only SOME of it from the Opium trade).

  • anon

    ONE MORE EXELLENT QUOTE: (from the same aforementioned .pdf, above)

    “The institutions of the state were made subservient, or more accurately, were fused to the private banking system. This, of course, is the essential idea behind the 20th century’s “corporatism” [fascism] of the Mussolini regime, as well as the ideological
    descendants of Mussolini, like Felix Rohatyn, today. The Commonwealth was to be eliminated, to be supplanted by a world run by the fondi [financiers].” (pg. 23.)

    • anon

      Welcome to the “New” World Order. We’ve been living under it ~ ALL ALONG!

      What is their AGENDA?

      A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT, WHICH THEY, AND THEY ALONE, FINANCE AND CONTROL. To them, the Nation-state, or National Sovereignty, is an OBSTACLE ~ like the Kings and Queens of Europe were previously ~ something they are attempting to DO AWAY WITH ~ in order to usher in their “New” World Order. How? Re-read the first quote posted, above, at 10:52 pm: By turning the entire planet into a gigantic TAX FARM, and by driving their victims (nation-states) into obscene, odious (unrepayable debt), and then using the debt to seize REAL ASSETS. Just like they’ve done to Greece. A bank, possibly GOLDMAN SACHS, or maybe some “EU” bank, probably owns the Parthenon, now. Greece, the birthplace of Western Civilization. Now the proceeds from Japanese visitors or Chinese visitors, or Arab visitors goes to some bank. We’ve come A LONG way from the historical events depicted in the movie, “300”, haven’t we?

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