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Cal Berkeley Fascists Violently Protest Free Speech

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

150 masked “protesters” at Cal Berkeley, precisely 0.0039 percent of the 38,000 student body was all it took to shut down free speech at the University of California, Berkeley.

The protesters are so confused that they see the shutdown as a victory for free speech.

Something is wrong here. The 150 violent protesters are masked, so we don’t know if they are students or a Deep State operation against President Trump. The protesters are behaving as fascists by shutting down free speech. By associating the exercise of free speech with fascism, the protesters appear to be too stupid to be Cal Berkeley students. When I was a graduate student at Cal Berkeley, there were high admission standards. Perhaps those standards have been declared to be racist and were thrown out with the bath water.

What is most odd about the protests is that the protesters are protesting a government whose goals are to reduce tensions that could lead to war with Russia and to bring back jobs for the working class. Normally, these are things that people protest in favor of, not against.

How do we explain that the liberal/progressive/left has abandoned its traditional agendas and aligned instead with the ruling One Percent and the arms merchents?

These protests make no sense on their face. For 15 years indiscriminate slaughter of Muslins have been tolerated. Now suddenly a ban on Muslim immigrants brings violent protests into the streets.

I conclude that The Saker is correct that these protests are orchestrated by the One Percent and the Deep State.

Even Al Jazeera is caught up in the disinformation. Reporter Rob Reynolds described the protests as a liberal push-back against a right-wing president. In my day, the right-wing wanted to nuke the Russians. Now it is right-wing to desire to be at peace with Russia. Of course, youth are devoid of historical perspective, but this level of confusion seems too extreme to flow from sincerity.

Fifty-six years ago President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. We paid no attention. Consequently, today they have us, along with the liberal/progressive/left, in their clutches.

I wonder if even Donald Trump can rescue us.

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2 comments to Cal Berkeley Fascists Violently Protest Free Speech

  • Bob

    I, too, was a Berkeley grad student, and I cringe to think these morons are besmirching the university’s reputation as a beacon of free speech. And, along with Dr. Roberts, I bridle at the thought that these hypocrites say nothing while the US and NATO kill or displace millions of Muslims, but get riled when we worry about opening our borders to people who are understandably outraged at what we’ve done to them.

  • anon

    “Cal Berkeley Fascists Violently Protest Free Speech”?

    The “LEFT” is where TRUE FASCISM AND THE ACCOMPANYING VIOLENCE RESIDES. Why? Because NO ONE is MORE FASCIST THAN THOSE ~ BEHIND ~ THE LIB-TARDS. Question: WHO, EXACTLY, IS ~ BEHIND ~ FUNDING AND FINANCING THE LIB-TARDS? Answer: Hungarian “Jew”, George Soros for ONE (example). There is an excellent Oswald Spengler quote that is pertinent here:

    “There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by [the] money [interests]
    – and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.” – Oswald Spengler

    Source: The Elites Have Lost the Right to Rule – Part 2

    Read the comments section.

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