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BREAKING: “72 Arrests Imminent In PizzaGate Scandal in D.C. & NYC” – FBI Whistleblower

from MLordandGod:

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14 comments to BREAKING: “72 Arrests Imminent In PizzaGate Scandal in D.C. & NYC” – FBI Whistleblower

  • Bob

    Isn’t this the same “news” we heard two weeks ago when arrests were imminent in DC? As soon as Sessions took over, they’d lower the boom. Well?

  • Rdawg

    Yes, any moment now.

    Also, gold and silver will go to da moon!

    • willygroper

      would it be too much to consider the low level roundups first in gathering & turning states evidence?

      in my state 3 more were rounded up. 1 teacher’s aid plus the principal who was female. their excuse…they thought the children were lying.


      as far as pm’s, it took well over 30yrs to deindustrialize the ussa. there is NO price discovery in any sector & let’s not mention ctl p or the ESF. do you really think the price of pm’s is going to be any less an incremental process than the deindustrialization?

    • Millicent

      Dawg gets it… a constant tease designed to placate & immobilize.

      • Eric

        Gold price 1971- $48.22
        Gold price 2001 – $300
        Gold price 2017 – $1240

        You have to read if you want to know anything.

        • willygroper

          price it in other currencies & it’s around $3K.

          narrow world view some have here.

          multicat fumes from the litter must be overpowering.

          • Eric

            Either that or the smell of poverty has fueled their egos so much they can’t think clearly. Or at all.

            • Rdawg

              So much judgement and scorn regarding somebody you know nothing about.

              I was poking a bit of fun at the never-ending, repetitive drum-beat of PM hyping that occurs here and elsewhere.

              Lighten up guys.

              • Eric

                Gold and Silver will have to go multiples higher than where they are now based purely on supply, investment demand, and M2 which has already been hyperinflated. Add in a geopolitical storm, unstable markets, and any number of other factors which will support much higher prices.

                If you were expecting a hot trade based on momentum, you may want to check out the price of Apple’s stock or some other high flying tech stock.

                In the meantime I’ll be happy to check your in depth Gold analysis for mistakes whenever you’re ready.

  • willygroper

    since the thread was re: imminent arrests, your deflection to PM fun is as lame as projecting “So much judgement and scorn regarding somebody you know nothing about.”

    when millie has reduced herself to ad hom by calling someone a cunt, how much more does one need to know or for that fact want to?

  • Rdawg

    Spare me the lectures. I engaged in some levity; fucking sue me.

    Again, you make assumptions that I am looking for a quick profit or hot trade. I am as steeped in the history of gold and silver as money as anyone here; my dad started teaching me this stuff over 40 years ago.

    You guys have inflated egos and take yourselves far too seriously.

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