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Church Of Scientology Allows Travolta And Cruise To… Murder?

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, Your News Wire:

Actress Leah Remini has dropped a bombshell about the Church of Scientology, claiming that its leaders allow certain high ranking members to commit murder.

Speaking on the The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Ramini says that high ranking members such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta are literally allowed to “get away with murder,” claiming its the policy of the Church to let them take another life if they wish to do so.

In a recent interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, the actress suggested that John Travolta could literally get away with taking another human beings life.

The King of Queens actress said Travolta holds the position of Khakhan – a position that would allow him to “basically kill” another human being if he wanted to.

When Rogan asks if Travolta is allowed to kill other people, she says:

“Yes … It’s called ethics protection. There’s another policy called the responsibility of leaders, which he says that what you gotta do to protect the leader, you gotta do it. If you see a body, you gotta clean it up.”

This may go some way in explaining all of the unexplained and numerous deaths connected to the church over the years, where evidence and testimony are deliberately skewed in order to protect certain members of the Church and allow them to be sheilded from the law.

“I have taken what 1 consider to be the most expedient way out of my present predicament. I harbor no resentment against anyone, except the Church of Scientology. They have a great deal to do with my demise.

To play with people’s defense mechanisms in the manner that they do is a criminal thing at best. l hope they can be outlawed.” – Suicide note by James Hester

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5 comments to Church Of Scientology Allows Travolta And Cruise To… Murder?

  • Tony Ring

    This chick is a complete lying piece of trash. Trying to save her non-existent career by getting attention for bashing Scinetology. What a pathetic looser and liar.

    • SGT

      Tony, are you a Scientologist? Because I listened to the entire interview, and although this particular headline is sensationalist and over-the-top (it’s not ours), Leah Remini is very eloquent and her testimony about Scientology is highly credible.

      In fact, I’ll post it here so our readers can decide for themselves.

      • Eric

        Interesting. Will definitely have to listen to more later. Scientology or not. Hollywood is all propaganda and brainwashing on a level that sucks people in deep deep deep. I see it with “friends.” To them, movies and television are the real world.

        Very few break free of the mind control. But Leah is obviously one of them.

        Never wanted to meet these people. But I still like John and Tom’s movies. As long as they don’t kill anyone, let them think they are saving the world. I won’t get Toms coffee. But I still like MI movies and Jack Reacher.

  • chuck

    When I was in college I had a friend that joined the church of Scientology. At the time, I had no idea why he joined but in retrospect, I recall this guy had some social adjustment issues. After he joined, his wife, also a friend, took their 4 year old son and left without a word. Shortly after, he lost his job at a coal mine. He disassociated himself of his family. I ran into him on campus one day some time later. I remember it was like I had never met the guy before. He gave me a copy of “Dianetics”. I never finished reading it, but I came to understand what happened to the guy.

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