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from Dees Illustration, via SGT

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5 comments to #ArrestSOROS

  • AgShaman

    Even their minions in Hollywood are making jokes at their expense (Heineken/Benicio)

    I hope some youtuber does a (SCM) “Snowflake Chronological Montage” starting with Barry and ending with Chucky…It would be the Madonna wishes upon the White House “Diggity”

  • Eric

    Hahahaha! Dig this one.

    Libtard tears. Hilarious.

    I got into it with an older libtard progressive commie I’ve known for years yesterday. Really pushed his buttons. He was irate. Screaming at me. Couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

    Anyways, we’ll never speak ever again. And good riddance. Some things just needed to be said. And it was building up for a while. Better to part ways now.

    If they don’t get it by now, time to let them meltdown. The true classical liberals will emerge. And we’ll be better off without them. They offer nothing of value. They don’t produce. They only consume valuable resources.

  • Rdawg

    Trouble is, even the meekest of animals can be dangerous when cornered. Of course the SJW snowflakes are actually using the anarcho-commies as their henchmen. We’ll just have to see how long that unholy alliance holds.

  • Kevin

    Their tears are yummy. But when their tears turn to frustration that nothing will change based on their tantrums, it won’t surprise me to see them escalate to acts of terrorism including bombings and shootings. That’s why Trump needs to cut of the head of that snake Soros and declare BLM and Antifa to be official terrorist organizations. These little snowflakes had better tread carefully because they will push too far or one time too many and the silent majority will push them all into the Pacific Ocean

  • Troy

    What’s better for quenching your thirst…Libtard Tears, or Brawndo?

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