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AMI Smart Meters ILLEGALLY Forced On Pennsylvania Consumers; Act 129 States “Not Mandatory”

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) utility Smart Meters for electric, natural gas and water are being forced onto Pennsylvania utility customers by utility companies backed up by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s (PA PUC) implementation rules and regulations, i.e., AMI SMs are “mandatory,” which are in total contradiction to the Legislative History, intent, enactment, and what was published in official public state records declaring AMI Smart Meters are not mandated!  Basically, the bill SB2200, as passed by the PA Legislature, is/was an “opt IN bill”!  Refer to HB2200 §2807(f)7(2)(i)!

I refused an AMI Smart Meter and have kept one off my home’s electric service for several years citing health reasons, as I’m a breast cancer survivor who does not want to be exposed to non-thermal radiation waves smart meters emit in various ways, including possible – but scientifically documented – adverse health issues attributed to non-thermal radiation harms from microwave technology per published global scientific peer review research.

As a result of the formal complaint I filed with the PA PUC, I had a two-day hearing before two PA PUC Administrative Law Court Judges (Heep and Pell in Philadelphia) and squared off against four PECO expert witness and three PECO attorneys. I must say I held my ground in spite of PECO’s objecting to the cancer studies and research regarding microwave EMF/RF/ELF radiation and cancer(s) I tried entering into the hearing record, especially the fifteen human male and female breast cancers documented as part of a compendium of almost 240 cancers studies attributed to EMF/RF/ELF. Those studies really got PECO’s attorneys’ britches twisted! They had to do everything they could to keep them out of the record, and they did.

AMI Smart Meters operate on microwaves to send, receive and collect information to and from the meter(s) at customers’ homes. Those messages can occur every 15 seconds, which can allow “dirty electricity” (harmonics or sinusoidal waves) to travel over the copper wires inside the walls of customers’ homes every 15 seconds every hour, every day of every month of every year, as customers cannot turn them off like you can your cell phone, microwave oven, etc.

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