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ALERT: BITCOIN Just Broke Through $1,000 USD… Again.

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39 comments to ALERT: BITCOIN Just Broke Through $1,000 USD… Again.

  • Eric

    Woopteefuckingdoo. Bitcoin is still massively underperforming the Silver producers and even all of the metals themselves so far in 2017.

    Just put the last of what I could into my GoldMoney account. Much lower fees.

    Bitcoin is backed by nothing. Why back it with nothing when you could back your savings with something? Like Gold.

    • thinking outside the matrix

      Lol, Eric is a clown. Price could go to 10k and he would still be stuck on stupid, lol. We bought our Bitcoins from 2013-2017. Entirely stopped stacking PM and loaded up the truck when it stayed at $200-$250 in 2015. I begged people to understand that Bitcoin is going to rise because it was created by the Elites for Global Trade. As you can see they are doing nothing to stop it and matter of fact it was even being promoted in the Economist 2015 issue and Bloomberg Magazines. Don’t think too many people were listening. I did a lot of easy research and found out a lot of insiders were buying it up in 2015 and even way before that. Not telling anybody to buy it, just to understand there’s a lot more to Bitcoin than what people can see. This has been a plan in the works. A red flag should of been when you found out Rick Perry was asking for Bitcoins during his presidential Campaign or when Newt GInrich revealed that he also has a portfolio of Bitcoins. These are insiders for goodness sake.

      • mike

        That’s are retarded Eric…Only Gold id money, even though it isnt. If Eric’s golden god decides to tax Illegals remittance money look for BTC to spike bigly, really really bigly.Gubberments cant control it not even the golden boy.
        Eric does not see the real world he only parrots the parrots. Wouldn’t really care but he instantly attacks anything BTC..We get he hates it and deos not see it’s potential.
        I dont know why Sean lets him attack everyone on these boards and spam like a mad man?? Think they are one in the same or another Sgt minion.I would hardware ban him.

        • Rdawg

          Ban Eric because he has a different opinion on BTC?

          Hey buttercup, UC Berkeley is calling; they need you.

          • Eric

            They don’t seem to understand that Silver is for “speculation” and is a strategic metal. Just like Platinum, Palladium, Zinc, Nickel, and Copper. All of which are massively outperforming their ponzi scheme Bitcoin. Which was created out of nothing by the way.

            They keep measuring everything in USD terms. Rather than Gold/Global Reserve terms.

            As Jim Sinclair said they should back bitcoin (BTC) with tickets to outer space…

            Dear G,

            Bitcoin is a virtual game that is being made look better than gold or silver, to sell the concept of a world wide virtual currency.

            It should change its name to “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness,” as it’s purpose is to win the hearts and minds of a public.

            After that to construct a “Dollar Index Bit Coin” backed by tickets to Mars from Space Inc. with a picture of Elon Musk.

            There is no computer game that can not be hacked, and there never will be.



          • mike

            No because he is a total moron..We all know his opinion and he instantly goes on the instant attack 24/7.
            I dont care if he hates btc does anyone doubt Eric hates btc? Do you like to see the parrot info we all already know posted repeatedly by the parrot?? Telling you Eric is a brainwashed, a Chris Duane zombie.

    • thinking outside the matrix


      • dan w

        well, he has to use YTD because that’s the only bitcoin chart thats down. You wont see him using an all time, 1 year, 3 month, 1 week, 1 day chart. that wouldnt work to mold the truth in his perfect world.

        • Eric

          I could use longer charts. But nobody is paying me to do it.

          What was the price of bitcoin 10 years ago? Can you show me a 10 year chart?

          I don’t think short term. I think long term.

          • dan w

            “I could use longer charts. But nobody is paying me to do it.”

            and it would prove your points invalid.

            “What was the price of bitcoin 10 years ago? Can you show me a 10 year chart?”

            Nope, but i can show you an all time, 3 year, 1 year, 1 week, 1 day chart that proves you wrong again.

            “I don’t think short term. I think long term.”

            no, you’re thinking YTD

            • Eric

              Can you show me a 1 year chart of Bitcoin vs First Majestic Silver?

              I could show you at least 100 stocks that outperform Bitcoin each day too. But those aren’t long term stores of value, currency, money, stores of value, or have huge premiums either.

              I’d just assume not have to talk about it. But there are a lot of scam artists in out midst. If they didn’t bring it up all the time, hype it up, and try to make it into something it is not, I wouldn’t have to expose it.

              This case should be closed by now.

              “Bitcoin is a failed experiment.” -Mike Hearn

    • Howard Roark

      Huh, “Dollar” was up today as well, like BTC…funny how that works???

  • Kevin

    And the money I spent on 1000 ounces of silver is wasted as silver languishes at $17 an ounce, soon to be smacked down yet again. If I had taken the money I spent on metals and put it into Bitcoin when it was $100-200, I would have been able to pay off my house and retire. Stupid metals. Worthless investment.

  • Kevin

    PMs are both a store of wealth and an investment. They are not currently “money”. Try paying taxes with PM. Doesn’t work. As both a store of wealth and investment, metals have done neither. It’s not unreasonable to expect that PM increase in value over a period of time. If folks like me had bought metals when silver was less than $10 and gold less than $1000, there would have been some kind of ROE, but since most people purchased after 2007 and held as metals spiked and dropped, we are SOL.

    • Eric

      Gold and Silver coins are still legal tender. You can pay taxes with them at the face value. In other words, A one ounce Gold American Eagle can pay 50 Dollars of your tax bill.

      It could be considered insurance against USD devaluation. But not an investment. Investment implies risk. Not price volatility. Gold and Silver coins are money however. Always have been and always will be.

      The “trick” is to stay out of their system as Bix says and continue accumulating or saving in HONEST money. When you get paid, always pay yourself first.

      Folks who don’t do their due diligence are SOL. It has nothing to do with money.

  • Kevin

    You can only use metals as money if the gold and silver coins are made by US govt mint. But one ounce of silver from the Mint is the same silver content as one ounce of a generic round. A generic ounce of silver won’t pay for shit unless you trade it for drugs, assuming the dealer knows that one ounce of silver is worth $17. Why would you pay $1200 for a Mint one ounce gold coin that only has $50 face value and spend it to pay for $50 worth of goods?

    I still say that metals are both a store of wealth and an investment for the future whether or not we have economic collapse or financial crisis. That’s the way they are being promoted and advertised, and that’s the current reality.

    • Eric

      So if somebody works on my house and instead of paying him $40 USD, I give him 2 ounces of Silver where he’s happy and I’m happy that doesn’t work? If I want to buy a car from someone and he wants $12,000 USD and I say “I can’t pay you $12,000 USD but I can pay you 600 Gold Dollars,” that won’t work even though it’s a better deal for him and I get my car?

      The mind job the bankers have done on everyone is phenomenal. The only way out is to change the way you think because as the saying goes… you can’t solve a problem using the same consciousness that created it.

      As for Gold and Silver being an investment, like I said investment implies risk. There is no risk to physical metal in your hand anymore than there is risk to holding a cheeseburger. There is only price volatility. Gold doesn’t grow earnings, pay dividends or buy back stock. It’s not the Gold that changes. It’s the world around it that changes. We aren’t investing in Gold and Silver. We are saving in honest sound money.

      • Kevin

        That’s great if you have a handy man who will accept two ounces of silver but most of the world doesn’t work that way. I wouldn’t waste my time taking two ounces of silver in to the credit union to pay my car loan. Or take silver to the grocery store. Or auto dealer. It might work with other PM bugs but not in the majority of situations we encounter daily. You must first sell silver at current spot price and convert to cash. No other way.

        Yes silver and gold are investments. Everyone from Greg Mannerino to Bix Weir to Silver Doctor to Jim Rickards (and the owners of this website) are clearly on record as stating buy now because silver prices are going to the moon. I would wager that the majority of PM holders are investors who are waiting for this situation to happen. I don’t know anyone who holds PMs thinking that they are going to use an ounce of silver to pay for a loaf of bread if the world does a full Mad Max.

        • Eric

          Well I just tossed those out as examples. Most people have no idea what silver is or how valuable it really is. They also don’t know anything about money other than that they want it. But therein lies the conundrum. Silver will always be too valuable to sell or use as money. Most people don’t know how to communicate either. All I can tell you is every time I show a silver eagle to someone and ask “would you pay $20 for this?” They say hell yeah! That was when the price was $15. Keep in mind the difference between the real world and the digital world.

          The price volatility does not make it an automatic investment. Silver and Gold have all the characteristics of money. They are the only 2 things that do. Platinum is becoming monetized too now. Saving. Not investing. I am an investor of high quality mining companies. But I save in Gold and Silver for the long term. If I had risked everything on mining companies, I would Be very upset. But those aren’t the same thing and not the reason for owning Gold.

          I learned a valuable lesson in 2008 when I sat there watching my digital portfolio get cut in half. Always be an active investor, manage your own wealth, and always reassess your risk.

          If it goes mad max, silver will work just fine for a loaf of bread or anything else you need. But it’s unlikely to get that bad here in the U.S.

          Hang in there Kevin. Check the debt clock. There is no way out of this except a revaluation of currencies. Try to restructure and pay off debt and work on improving your situation. Trump will show us all how it’s done.

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