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A New Poll Shows Some NATO Members Trust Russia More Than NATO

by Adam Garrie, The Duran:

Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia would be more comfortable under a Russian ‘security umbrella’ than NATO.

A new poll reveals that NATO’s controversial eastward expansion hasn’t really gone according to plan. Former Warsaw Pact member Bulgaria and former Yugoslav Republic Slovenia, which both joined NATO in 2004, say that they would feel safer being defended by the Russian military in the event of war than they would by NATO.

Perhaps more worryingly for NATO top brass are Turkey and Greece. Both joined the alliance in 1952 and have a history of being at odds with each other (to put it mildly) say that they too would feel safer being defended by Russia in the event of war.

If recent botched election forecasts from Brexit to Trump have taught us anything, it is that pollsters often manipulate questions to get the answers they want. Therefore, the results of this poll should be taken with the same pinch of salt as any other.

However, the poll does raise an important question. How united is NATO?

As President Trump continues to highlight, many NATO members are happy to receive the so-called benefits of NATO without paying their share of membership fees.

Currently, members of NATO are required to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense. Apart from the United States, only Greece, Britain, Estonia and Poland have met this target. The other 23 member states fall short.

The other reality the poll buttresses is that increasingly, Greece and Bulgaria are finding themselves looking more to Moscow than to Brussels or Washington. Greece has been economically decimated by Brussels and the typical response from America to Athens is ‘do as you’re told’.

Likewise, Bulgaria just elected Rumen Radev as president, a man who has made clear that he doesn’t follow the narrative that Russia is the enemy of all EU states and of Europe more generally.

Indeed, if not for Russia’s victory in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, Bulgaria would have likely waited decades longer to achieve independence from Ottoman Turkey.

Furthermore, Greece like Bulgaria is an Orthodox Christian country with historic fraternal relations with Russia.

Turkey’s position on this list, however, reveals that historical fraternity with Russia is not the only requirement for NATO skepticism. The same could be said of Slovenia, but the case of Turkey as a large state and long-time NATO member/historic Russian adversary, makes it a much more interesting study.

Turkey is one of Russia’s historical military foes, and under President Erdogan, things have been rocky, to say the least.

However, Turkey is becoming increasingly anti-America, anti-Europe and while not becoming a Russophillic power, Turkey is fast realizing that Russia is one of the only great powers that is willing to still deal pragmatically and respectfully with Ankara.

Obama’s failure to strongly condemn last summer’s failed coup Turkish attempt, America’s sheltering of wanted Turkish criminal Fethullah Gülen and Trump’s apparently less than impactful phone call with Erdogan, have been just some factors pushing Turkey towards Russia.

Furthermore, Turkey’s participation in the Astana Peace Conference has shown that it is the Russian-driven peace process for Syria which Turkey recognizes as an internationally prestigious forum.

The big stumbling block for better Turkish-Russian relations is not, however, Turkey’s continued membership (however, uneasy) of NATO. It is Turkey’s territorial and political ambitions for Syria, a Russian ally whose territorial integrity and political sovereignty, Russia has vowed to protect.

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  • rich

    Chaos Theory

    Review of Douglas Valentine’s The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World

    by Joseph Balletti / February 8th, 2017

    The terrible truth is that a Cult of Death rules America and is hell-bent on world domination.

    — Douglas Valentine

    Douglas Valentine’s life’s work has been to expose and explain the CIA’s role in many key aspects of American society, and how they’re behind most of the atrocities, subversion and war since WWII, all over the world. I doubt that any other writer has given the details, or written with the force and courage that he has. He’s told us how America really functions, and what is behind much of its success in business, especially overseas. He’s described how the CIA infiltrates and is protected by the media and all the branches of the government, and how they can create chaos and control political messages, here and abroad. I’d like to talk a bit about how what I’ve learned from reading Douglas Valentine’s books can be seen day to day on the news and other media outlets. I’ll focus on the most current events that I think are very indicative of planned control and subversion. Valentine covers many other events in his new book, The CIA As Organized Crime, so I’ll add my thoughts.

    I’m writing this review of Douglas Valentine’s crucial new book, The CIA As Organized Crime, as the Democratic Party conducts a mainstream and social media based “revolution” against Trump. Most of the protestors are summoned from Party front group databases and many are paid to protest by big donors like George Soros. The theme of this revolution is: Stop (Impeach/Kill) the Racist Fascist Dictator! Other themes from other times and other presidents are: Make the World Safe for Democracy and 9/11 – Never Forget!

    This theme was created by operatives and principles from the Obama gang and their overlords from the ruling financial elite. These people were responsible for war crimes in Libya, Ukraine and Syria among many other atrocities resulting in the deaths of over four hundred thousand people, as many or more maimed, millions of refugees, entire cities destroyed along with many antiquities. These war crimes were committed by actual neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and by fascist terrorist groups in Syria, funded and armed by the Obama gang and the Republican neocons, through its allies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. But the protestors carry signs that say “Stop Fascism!” only now that Trump is elected.

    I’m not arguing that it’s unfair or wrong to protest Trump but want to make the deeper point that some people recognize this as the result of social engineering and media-based mind control. The obvious question is: how is it possible that all of the Obama gang’s war crimes were never called fascistic and never massively protested? How is it possible that millions were kept in a deep trance and suddenly activated into enraged bloodthirsty revolutionaries? It’s Guy Debord’s prophecy [quoted on p.305 of Valentine’s book] come true: “Yet the highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is still to turn secret agents into revolutionaries and revolutionaries into secret agents.” This anti-Trump scenario goes a big step further by turning average citizens who think they’re being progressive and moral into revolutionaries and secret agents! They’re not only protesting against Trump but for the serial war criminal Clinton, who was the obvious Establishment choice. That’s what makes this protest so sinister. The media was completely for her and so were many arch Establishment Republicans like the Bush gang.

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