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[89] Zimbabwe’s Meltdown in Overdrive | The Morgan Report

from The Power & Market Report:

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1 comment to [89] Zimbabwe’s Meltdown in Overdrive | The Morgan Report

  • Ed_B

    Zimbabwe running out of money is a symptom of a destroyed economy. Their economy is incapable of generating enough wealth to support their population. Currency is not wealth. It is only how we keep score in economics, so it isn’t the game, it’s just the scorecard.

    At one time, Zimbabwe (then known as Rhodesia) was a large exporter of agricultural products. This brought in a great deal of cash from the countries surrounding Rhodesia. When the civil war there ended, the winners booted out the white farmers so they could steal their land and give it to their associates. Problem there was that very few of them were farmers. They were soldiers. Soon after that the farms fell into disrepair, exports dropped to near zero, and their economic basis was destroyed. Zimbabwe is a victim of severe self-inflicted economic wounds. The only way out of this is to import some people who can train their citizens who want to farm but don’t know how. It would be good to import some farmers as well so they could get back up to speed quickly. The people of Zimbabwe will continue to suffer until the people in charge get their poop together and resolve this crisis, rather than continuing to fight over the “spoils”. Unfortunately for them and this idea, they are quickly running out of spoils to fight over. Zimbabwe could very well become a wasteland that is devoid of people simply because people cannot survive there.

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