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39 Fantastic Prepping Tips

by Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival:

1.  There are many times when trouble strikes and we have to deal with only what we have on our person and in our pockets. A BOB is a luxury that might not be with us when the unexpected comes along, so I like to make sure I have a minimum of things on me before I leave the house even for a trip to the grocery.

Here’s what I carry, you’ll have to adjust for your own needs:

1) A small pocket knife
2) A multi-tool
3) A cigarette lighter
4) A dozen Kleenex
5) Chapstick
6) A one quart Ziploc bag
7) A black sharpie
8) A small bottle of hand sanitizer
9) Wallet with emergency cash and id cards
10) Keys, with small flashlight on keychain

I can carry all of that in jeans or short pockets no problem, and its amazing how handy I find each of those items to be in day to day activities. In an emergency they could really make a difference.

2.  The most important thing to have in a survival situation is water. The ten minute thing I did was to buy extensions for the gutter down spout. At the time I put them in I had a back yard above ground pool. Kids all gone now, pool gone, but I now have 10 55 gallon barrels.

3.  Check your supplies and rotate them out as the expiration date comes due. Stock the foods you like, because if you don’t like a certain food, you won’t eat it.

4.  I like to can water after using my canning jars in the winter. I then have good water if the electricity goes down and also if there is a drought in the summer, I will have water for canning.

5.  My 10 minute prepping tip is to save all of your dryer lint in a zip food bag. Squeeze it down, roll it up and place it in your bug out kit.

6.  My very first prepping project was getting a plastic tote box ready for myself for the vehicle.
I went by the list in the book “Survival Mom” so it is packed full with a little extra than a BOB. Then my very next priority was another box fixed up for my mother who is 86 years old.  She still drives and either she or someone else will be able to help with this very good vehicle emergency box. Survival is a daily challenge in northern WI.

7.  The every three month 10 minute prep activity I do religiously is rotate my prescription meds. I have two weeks in my purse, 3 days in my 72 hour kit, 3 days in my car kit, and 3 days in my comprehensive medical kit. If it takes you longer than ten minutes to do this, you need to practice knowing where all these items are stashed!

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1 comment to 39 Fantastic Prepping Tips

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I like the idea of filling unused Mason jars with water. Those jars are fantastic, bug proof, mouse proof, humidity proof storage for rice, beans, corn, garden seeds, and greased-up gun parts.

    You can also store ammo in them.

    But only a “Darwin Award idiot” would try to store gasoline in them, unless of course, there was a war in your front yard and you need some Molotov cocktails.

    I would not want to store butane lighters in glass jars either, because if any of them leaked some gas, a static spark could blow the jar.

    We (SGT types) are the lucky people. We see it coming. We have good, clever intelligence and we have read many useful things of how to get by.

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