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2017: The Year of TRUTH BOMBS — Bill Holter

from SGT Report:

Bill Holter from returns to SGT Report to discuss President Donald Trump, executive orders and 2017: The Year of TRUTH BOMBS.

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47 comments to 2017: The Year of TRUTH BOMBS — Bill Holter

    • Eric

      The bottom line…

      Real tangible wealth. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @Eric… Roger that Eric.

        PM’s, ammo, food, garden, canning, solar & well water. Rural area, a few acres, stockpile of seeds & garden supplies, barter goods, and hopefully everything I’ll need for the first few years…etc.

        That should cover most of it.

        bought a half-face respirator with about 20 extra filter cartridges (mine safety), at a great price.
        So, if we get problems with toxic mold, or some industrial/military contamination for a few days, I may be ok.
        Or the rare instance of a big volcano eruption putting ash clouds with enough glass shards of silica in the air, everybody who breathes it will die from lung damage. Yellowstone is famous for that, all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. Look at the history of Yellowstone eruptions & ash cloud deposits, and read why it’s so deadly, and you’ll add it to your “prep list” with some decent face and/or house filters. HEPA.

        I had some discussions with a university PhD in Paleontology, etc, and they were just starting to connect the fossils in death mode-fetal position pain, with bone evidence of lung failure (suffocation), and how it seems to correlate to volcanic eruption ash time lines around the earth.

        • Eric

          Yeah I have a good respirator and a fallout kit with tyvek suits and a full mask. Also, extra duct tape.

          Good to have just in case.

          But the probability of having to deal with any of that is low. While the probability of other preps like paying for higher taxes, having enough in the pantry with rising food costs, and having lots of extra reserves for everyday things are a much more worth it for most people.

          Awesome day in the Silver and Gold markets today! Especially the miners. One more of these and I’ll be giddy.

          GDX above it’s 200 day MA now. Looks like a major breakout. But they’ll cap it somewhere no doubt. 1260 in Gold and 1300 perhaps. Maybe the president will tweet something good to keep this momentum going.

          Don’t mind speculating with a little bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Henry

    Truth is Mr Holter has made so many hysterical (and wrong) calls on the market that he has no basis for being seriously believed anymore….

    Hey, Santa is a made up fantasty, only believed by children.

    • Eric

      I wish I had a crystal ball so I could time the exact date of when everyone realizes the collapse has been going on right in front of their eyes also.

      • Ed_B


        Yeah, no kidding. That would be great for some investing activities too. But… the fact is that NO ONE knows the future. So, we can all just stop waiting for some Super Guru (outranks the regular run of the mill “gurus”) to come along and lead us to the PM Promised Land.

        Anyone wanting to know WHEN the S will HTF needs to realize two things: 1) there is no way to know this, so stop worrying about it; and 2) never use timing as an excuse to waste the time that we have so you can fiddle-fart along and not do anything until the very last minute. That’s not how life works in good times and it surely will not be how it works in bad times.

        All we need know is that the S WILL HTF at some point and that when, not if, it does, we will either be prepared for it or we will not because there won’t be ANY time left for prepping AFTER it happens. So, IF we are going to prep, we need to do so long before the SHTF. If we do that, we will be as ready for the unknown as we can be.

        In the meantime, preps can be of considerable use for emergencies other than the S Hitting TF. Bad weather comes to mind and much of the US is getting a large dose of that lately. I’m not worried about it, though, because I have a food stash, water, ways to make light, and about 2 cords of dry firewood for our wood stove. We’ll be fine for most short-term to medium-term emergencies. Can’t be 100% prepped for ALL of them, no matter what we do, so we do what we can and then pray that will be sufficient. If so, it’s all good. If not, well, then that’s where one’s faith comes into it. No one gets out of this life alive… as they say.

        • Eric

          Hey Ed, if you want me to take a dump in a box and call it Bitcoin I will. I have spare time. But in the meantime, you might want to just keep regularly accumulating a quality product like Gold.

          The idiots on the left are going to go nuts when Trump gets rid of Dodd-Frank.

          The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. lol!

          • Ed_B


            Nah, never mind on the self-made bitcoin. That would be of better use in the compost pile and then in the garden. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            As to gold and silver, yes, I am a fan of them and buy regularly. The low prices of the past 5 years have been a godsend to stackers everywhere, in spite of the bitching that some do because they have not “gone to the moon” yet. Screw the moon, says I. Just give me all of the PMs I can afford before the SHTF and that will be good.

            Also stack ammo. Just got two 250 round cases of S&B 2.75″ 9-pellet 00 buck from Midway for 1/2 price each. That’s 500 rounds for the price of 250… helluva good deal.

            • Eric

              Yeah I wish I could. But they make it pretty difficult to stack ammo in California now. Best thing Trump could do is defund California IMO. But that could start getting out of control.

              Anyways, glad I loaded up when I did.

              Got into it pretty heavy with a “buddy” on the left tonight. Hope they don’t come knocking on my gate. But if they do, I’m ready for it.

              Called a bunch of people I haven’t talked to in a while tonight trying to reach out. It was pretty good talking to my old peeps. Except for one guy.

              • Ed_B

                California is a cluster-bungle. I have advised several people, including some relatives, to just GTF outta there, even if they have to sell property at a loss. It’s just not worth staying there with all the stupid crap that goes on there. My Mom used to live in San Diego, so I flew down there 4-5 times to visit her. I’ve also been to San Fran and LA a couple of times each. For small towns, Susanville is pretty nice. Other than that, I haven’t spent much time there and don’t care to. I did consider going on a wild boar hunt in N. Calif. at one time but eventually decided not to do that. It would be pretty cool to hunt those hogs with my Ruger Blackhawk .41 mag, though.

                I keep hoping that Calif will declare itself an illegal alien haven state, whereupon Trump can give all of it south of the south end of SF Bay to Mexico.
                Suckramento is included in that offer. Let them enjoy Mexican citizenship while they are being oh so touchy feelie. It will look GOOD on them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                • Eric

                  Selling property at a loss? I could have done that 2 weeks after I bought it. Pretty in here now. Not worth staying here? We have everything. Radioactive beach, L.A. Zoo, Griffith Observatory, LaBrea Tarpits, etc. We even have a football team now. And most people are pretty nice normal people just trying to chase a buck. Lots of pretty girls. The local reservoir is all filled back up with water. The weather is nice and warm. Lots of fun activities here. Like pissing off libtards and handing them a large dose of reality. You’d be surprised at how many Pro-Trump Americans there are here. Like my Indian business owner friend who just got back from India. Didn’t sound like things were too bad there.

                  The Kevin DeLeons, Jerry Browns, and Richard Pans are a big problem. But at least Barbara Boxer is gone. Honestly I wish you guys would come here so I have someone to go to Hollywood with and educate these idiots. They are way too dumb to be a threat. Haven’t you seen the Mark Dice videos? Also I don’t think the Fukushima crap is as bad here as it is where you are.

                  Just a side note… I don’t really support hunting in any form unless its a form of survival. But as long as you make the most of the meat, not much different than buying it in a store. But taking a life in any form should be respected.

                  If California leaves the union, be prepared for all hell to break loose. But I know you are. I would suspect other states will follow and that will be the end of this great experiment in liberty.

                  I tend to get along with the foreigners the best. They at least seem to appreciate their freedom.

                  We should go after the assholes. Not run away. This is our country.

                  Don’t forget… California is the GOLDEN state. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I just know there is still a lot of Gold in that them there hills.

                • Ed_B


                  Clearly, you are there to stay and I hope that works out for you… but I would not count on it. History shows pretty clearly that every country out there that embraces socialism is on a path to becoming a complete pile of crap. States that do the same will end up the same unless they can milk Uncle Sugar of mucho dinero (read billion$).

                  Yes, I have seen the idiots in the Dice videos… the ones who would take a candy bar instead of a 10-oz. bar of silver or refusing to buy a 1-oz. gold coin for $50. Come on, Dice! Try that with me and see what happens. lol

                • Eric

                  I plan on vacating as much crap out of this place and trying to become more mobile if I can. Options. More options.

                  You can drive down here and walk along the beach with the crazy clown show if you want to find Mark. Otherwise maybe go with these Ed…




        • AgShaman

          October 13th, 2017 is when the SHTF.

          I’ll crawl out on a limb for ya’s and “predict” it will include a stock markets crash, with derivatives and junk bonds implosion (govt), They will probably throw in a Project Bluebeam moment, w/ both an “alien” disclosure and planet smacking asteroid threat, backed up by a Vatican micro-aggression of course…also, a well placed “dirty bomb” to celebrate the 100 year ann. of the “miracle of the sun”…to be blamed on those brown-skinned terra-rists…Cern will probably also crank up the power on their plasma/torsion field machine and see how many earthquakes they can throw in multiple directions to add to the “chaos effect”.

          I guess that about covers it.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            @Ag, That was pretty good. Make it Oct 31st and I’m on board.

            If “project Blue Beam” were to choose some highly significant MUSLIM special day, and project Mohammad riding on this flying horse, (above Mecca, of course) then Mohammad could proclaim all kinds of stuff and turn the Muslims around and make them believe anything we wish.

            That would be a lot of fun. They could project ZENU (L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology God) over Clear Water Florida and have fun with that one.

            Do something for the Mormons in Salt Lake City, and do a big Virgin Mary for the Vatican. Maybe some special “Flying Mexican Jesus” (or should I call him “Hey-Zeus”) could get all the drug cartels to stop what they’re doing down there?

            What could Blue Beam do in China? A big Mao?
            And a big, floating “Carl Sagan” for the atheists?

            A big, scary hologram of “Baphomet” floating over “Comet Ping Pong” declaring that pedophilia doesn’t work? They’d hate that one.

            They’d have to do a big, Jacob Marley visting Goldman-Sachs, Wall street, and the FED, telling them that GREED & the persuit of money is bad.

            And can’t forget a hologram of Thomas Jefferson over the Supreme Court telling them to stick with the Constitution, full 2nd amendment rights, no more paper money, etc.

            • AgShaman

              @ Craig Escaped Detroit,

              Anytime in October is where the WAG meter is pointing…due to the historically sentimental nature of bank-stars and their cabal.

              I’m still leaning toward the 13th….it’s a friday. The Templars arrest in 1307 and the Miracle of the Sun anniversary are the main reasons. The last Terminator movie has “Genisys” being rolled out in October 2017….which feels like a cashless/digital mark of the beast technology inception point.

              We make jokes about project Blue Beam….unfortunately, the people of the book (the 3 main Yahweh-isms) I sense are being played like Nero’s fiddle…and they believe so much in their apocalyptic endings…that they won’t notice that their slave masters are helping to engineer things according to their religiosities and the “playbooks” that have them locked in their boxes.

          • Eric

            I keep hearing March. Correction is coming.

            VIX is too damn low.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I enjoyed the interview. They discussed many things in a factual manner.

    @Henry…yes… you and me, (and all of us) are fully aware that Bill Holter and many others have been predicting gold & silver to go up, while the economy & stock markets will crash, and yes, it has NOT happened.

    I fully expected everything to fall apart back in 2008, and to fall apart every year since that time, and it has not crashed. Am I disappointed? No, because it has allowed me more time to arrange things in my life to be better prepared for future hiccups (or crash) in the economy.

    I still believe it will crash because there are so many bad conditions that we can see (in the markets, debts, frauds, etc) and it makes me wonder… HOW many bad things are waiting to damage the economy that we do NOT see?

    I have NO idea how long it will take for the world economies to be faced with the messes that have been created, but as long as things maintain this semblance of normalcy, I will enjoy this non-crisis existence.

    If I was a person living & depending upon the pension systems that are already crashing (CALPERS, Dallas police & fire, Indiana, etc) then I’d already be in crisis mode and life would be very difficult. I do know of some people who have lost their life savings from similar things, and they have lost homes, health, marriages, or even their own life.

    We must all be “careful what we with for”. When silver is at $100 / ounce or higher, things will not be wonderful, even for those of us with gold & silver. Stores may start to look more like Venezuela. Martial law may happen because we may experience food riots. Cities may experience the worst of everything.

    I am not looking forward to such things.

    • Eric

      “I fully expected everything to fall apart back in 2008, and to fall apart every year since that time, and it has not crashed.”

      They HAVE been falling apart Craig. Markets usually don’t work the way everyone expects them to. We haven’t had a meaningful correction in the Dow since a year ago. There will no doubt be one coming. But they aren’t going to allow the whole thing to collapse. They didn’t in 2008. Banks will simply bail in depositors if they have to. Or there will be some kind of nationalization of retirement accounts.

      Regardless, it’s impossible to pay all of these obligations and we all know it. As Greenspan said, “We can guarantee cash but we cannot guarantee purchasing power.” I’m expecting a meltup before a meltdown. But it will have the same effect. Some will feel like they are getting rich. Some will feel like they are getting poor.

      On a side note, I didn’t watch the stupid bowl. But I saw Atlanta was winning in the first half, 21-0 and told my bro just watch…bet you anything the patriots come back in the 2nd half to win. Ha ha. So predictable. They rig everything!

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        I am aware that there is something known as “televised-franchise sports”, teams, games, etc, but I would get as much enjoyment from watching them as watching “Canada Curling”, or “The Knitting Channel”. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Stupid-Bowl. (Great name for it)

        I recall having read somewhere, that the one day of the year with often the highest (or at least a big increase) of the number of domestic violence (wife beatings) happens on Super Bowl Sunday (it is speculated that the number of women who suddenly decide to vacuum the living room rug, or stand in front of the TV, or start criticizing their man when he just wants to watch the game)….

        Hahahaha.. (it’s not really funny, but it’s predictable). We men never interfere with women when they are glued to their Soap Operas. (well, I’m sure that some men make trouble on Soap Opera day (because EVERY DAY is soap opera day.)

        I prefer shows such as “This Old House”, or other stuff. I really don’t see how people can watch Golf, chess, billiards, Canada Curling, or so many other slow action stuff.

        • Eric

          Check out “The Founder.” Story of Ray Kroc and McDonalds. Pretty good flick actually.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            Eric, I will add ‘The Founder” to my list of things to watch.

            Did you ever watch the silly,cheesy, corny-funny “accidental, unintended documentary” (in the writer’s own words) movie called “Idiocracy”?

            I prefer some Sci-Fi over war flicks. Some guys are addicted to war, gore, explosions, etc. I’ve enjoyed my share. Action is good when it’s also adventure, or sci-fi, or fantasy, and some comedies are great stuff. Some spoofs are well done (Spaceballs, corny-cheesy, but funny).

            I never found Monty Python to be much good, but it did have some fabulous moments.

            Guardians of the Galaxy was enjoyable. I wonder if the next installment will be as good.

            Star Treks, Star Wars, Indiana Jones were all enjoyable. I also enjoyed the Harry Potters & Lord of the Rings…and my all time favorite is still Doctor Who.

            • Eric

              Yeah Guardians of the Galaxy was a good time. Great music too. Don’t really care about the 2nd one but I’m sure I’ll see it eventually.

              Recently, I really loved Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Lots of fun much like Ghost Protocol. Rogue One was good. Finally a decent Star Wars movie. I couldn’t even watch The Force Awakens it was so bad. Turned it off after 25 minutes. Also enjoyed Allied a lot, and Bridge of Spies wasn’t bad either. Didn’t care for Star Trek Beyond too much. That was tough to watch. Not all bad though. Lincoln was okay. But of course anything Spielberg is a massive propaganda piece.

              Idiocracy is hilarious. Mike Judge is great. Extract was good too. And of course Office Space is still good after all these years.

              For Sci-Fi…Did you see Terminator Genisys? Rather liked that one. Fifth Element, Interstellar, Inception, Ex Machina. Was never a huge Doctor Who fan. But that Red Dwarf is hilarious. Jay Weidner mentioned West World recently, a new series written by Christopher Nolan’s brother. Pretty sure Christopher Nolan is on our side. Gotta look for it.

              Still don’t like Hollywood. But that’s why I don’t work there anymore.

              I was pleasantly surprised to see I was able to take a few thousand shekels away from Israel last year. Although they did keep 10%. Greedy jews. I noticed Hong Kong only keeps 5%. So does Bulgaria.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                @Eric, you mentioned a lot of good ones, and plenty I’ve not seen. Elysium (or some such) was good, and Oblivion was good.

                Yes, RED DWARF was so funny, I almost got a hernia from laughing so hard.. it’s the “Married With Children” of Sci-Fi. I’ve watched every episode.

                I actually kinda HATE the OLD Dr. Who series, but the updated one (starting in 2007) became fantastic.

                For Short attention span enjoyable shows, I’d highly recommend (animated) Samurai Jack. They mix a lot of interesting visuals, clever little stories, touching emotion, humor, action, the audio sounds, effects and music are superb. The series starts well, and gets better. It’s worthy of watching. You’ll find salutes-tributes hidden in there, scenes you’ll recognise from Army of Darkness, Star wars, etc.

                A silly, funny, and clever Disney production (11 minutes each) is called Phineas & Ferb (also animated). They have a ridged formula, and work very well with it. And some song & dance. so many humorous bits that are aimed at adults and the kids won’t get it.
                They also made a “Star Wars Spoof” that is VERY worthy. On par with “Family Guy Star Wars Spoof”.

                For a genuinely strange Star Wars Spoof, enough cheese to choke a buffalo, but funny.. is called “Thumb Wars”.

                • Eric

                  I’ll have to check out Elysium. Always been kind of turned away from that one. Oblivion had a great look to it.

                  Also, the Robocop remake was pretty good. Liked that a lot.

                  They come out with so much garbage these days. It’s hard to find something decent to watch. I’m pretty sick of all the superhero crap.

                  One last one… Don’t know if you ever heard of “The Party” with Peter Sellers. 1968. Pretty dry humor. But it’s a party. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  Some of that old Peter Sellers stuff was excellent.

                  There is a very old, B & W film starring Fred MacMurry called “Murder He Says”.

                  I get the impression it may have been written as a Bob Hope comedy, but Bob wasn’t available,,etc.

                  It’s very very good, funny, etc. A sweet old gem. It’s hard to find, and most people have never seen it.

                  Old Gems? The old Sinbad movies. Jason & the Argonauts. Sabu the Jungle boy movies. Journey to the Center of the Earth…etc.

                  And for people who want some “Historical Context”, the VERY old movie “Metropolis” was ahead of its time with special effects that became common in so many films after it.

                  And the SCi_Fi film ahead of its time with effects that made it amazing, even now.. “Forbidden Planet” 1956.

          • KRELL427

            I will also put it on the watch list as my friend also told me it was very good earlier today.

        • Petedivine

          Try the Sci-fi revision of Battlestar Galactica, 2004-2009. Based on your viewing preferences, I think you’ll love it. I think Battlestar Galactica was one of the best sci-fi shows ever created.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            YEs, I’ve seen a number of the newer Battlestar G episodes, and even though they were well made, it didn’t enthral me (I don’t really know why). I used to watch and enjoy Babylon 5 pretty good, and I think I even enjoyed LEXX even more (very strange Sci-Fi-space series, but interesting humor and very sexy leading lady.

            I have completely enjoyed the 2007 to present Doctor Who series, the full range of emotions, plenty of straight faced humor, and I don’t think it has ever been “sexy” with the ladies. The story & history twists are fantastic, and they weave bits of world history into the doctor’s travels, as he is often the cause of things that were. They even make very clever use of some dialog-phrases.

            Such as the end of season 7, a phrase becomes very important “No More”. When I was “re-watching” all the earlier series (in sequence), I discovered that other characters spoke those same words in different situations. It blew me away how well it was woven.

            There was a woman who was kidnapped and “programmed” to “kill the doctor”, and she even says “I was born to kill the doctor”. Later in his timeline, he meets some new lady, very mysteriously she keeps dying as she saves the doctor time and time again… and she says the words: “I was born to SAVE the doctor”.

            There are more instances, and this keeps the series more interesting because when you happen to re-watch episodes, you find these little hidden gems (Easter eggs) that makes it more interesting.
            Including the use of the “Tardis Blue” in many places.

            As for time travelling guy, who jumps forward or backward in time, even arranging his own funeral but finding a way to die, but still save himself from it…just blew me away far better than “Back to the Future” could do… and BTTF was superb most of the time!!!

            As for complete silly, crazy humor in space, there is nothing that can beat the “Red Dwarf” series. A clever mix of humor, science, fumbling, bumbling, poking fun at each other, perhaps bits similar to Married with Children, meets Monty Python, meets Star Trek academy frat boy drop outs etc etc.

            • Hugo

              Thanks for the input on series and movies to watch. I like to throw in two movies myself. From my pov the movie Dr. Strangelove (or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb) is a must see considering our current state in geo politics. Shows that history rhymes for sure (its old), shows the same absurdity in geopolitics and war back then and now. Another classic is Das Boot, a very realistic German made movie about life was being an U boot (submarine) crew during WW2. Minority report is ofcourse a great example of predictive programming. But a boring movie for the rest.

              Regards, Hugo

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                Dr. Strangelove is an oldie but goodie I’m going to put on my “re-watch” list.

                I used to enjoy “Stargate SG1” for a long time. It looks smooth, but not like it’s over budget, yet it seem very good to me.

                Atomic bomb brinkmanship and “just in the nick of time” is the theme in many movies.

                That “brinkmanship” is played all the time in Dr. Who (similar to some of the style of Indiana Jones, but with a time machine and space aliens.)

                One episode (Dr. Who), he visits old Pompeii, and turns out HE’s the one who blew the mountain top…he was trapped by aliens in the mountain who were going to destroy all the humans on earth, and the Dr pushed some button that would set off a chain reaction that would kill himself in the mountain, and destroy Pompeii, but save the earth. Turns out, he was hurled a safe distance away, etc etc. Very clever ending (and a “salute” to Michael Angelo’s God-meets man handshake scene).

                Another episode, has the doctor (and friend) on a RUssian Sub in 1971, and avoids a nuclear launch at the last few seconds (involves a 5000 yr old ice frozen alien that thawed out on the Russian sub, and the alien was going to start WW3, but the doctor somehow stopped it.

                I promise, that most people who start watching the series, will enjoy it.

                If you want a “taste” of what it is like, there is a couple of episodes that are NOT connected with other parts, and stand very well by themselves.

                I recommend watching a Dr. Who Episode named: “BLINK”. It reminds me of the best of “Twilight Zone” twists and humor, a bit of suspense, but never any GORE. Funny, touching, clever and wonderful victory, and the tiny bit of romance at the ending is great.

          • AgShaman

            I tend to agree with you guys on this one…

            The best of Galactica (I thought) was cancelled prematurely (Caprica)

            I wonder if there were too many clues and hints concerning the Transhumanism agenda…and what technologies they are working on for our future.

        • Ed_B

          “I really donโ€™t see how people can watch Golf, chess, billiards, Canada Curling, or so many other slow action stuff.”

          Right. Or a few people sitting around, playing cards. That looks as interesting as watching paint dry or grass grow, IMO.

          I do like a few of the home remodeling shows, though, as long as they don’t act idiotic. I get quite a few ideas from them that I can try in our own home.

          My wife loves those “tiny house” shows, even though she is claustrophobic and would go nuts in short order if crammed into one of them. I dunno… maybe it is a throwback to her childhood and doll house memories at work in this? Hard to say but I have NO interest in these at all. It IS weird that people like these instead of just buying an RV of some kind that has about the same space, costs less, and has a LOT more utility. Shrug.

          • Eric

            I grew up watching my Dad watch Golf a lot. I didn’t get it either. Playing it is another thing. But watching it never made sense. I didn’t terribly enjoy having to watch Tennis all the time either. But John McEnroe was usually pretty entertaining. Lots of Football on the TV all the time too. I could somewhat understand that. But I preferred watching the movies.

            Would never want to live in a tiny house. Might as well just pitch a tent and live in that.

    • Ed_B


      “I fully expected everything to fall apart back in 2008…”

      I don’t think that a lot of us really understand just how gnats gnut close we came to a total financial collapse in 2008. That it did not occur is nothing short of amazing. But a lot of how this was avoided was borrowed from the future. It’s very unlikely that we will be able to pull another rabbit out of this same hole just in the nick of time.

      Something else to keep in mind is that all of these financial system “saves” that come along really aren’t saves at all but merely the extension of the same flawed system. Time is being bought at huge cost. It is foolish to waste this time. I know that you are not wasting it and neither are most on this site. But a lot of people are. They believe that everything is getting back to “normal” and have not a clue that what was once normal has become damn-near impossible, mostly thanks to the huge debt over-hang and the massive derivatives book that puts everything in the financial world under a huge and very dark cloud.

      IMO, we are heading for some sort of financial disaster that is literally of biblical proportions. No one knows when this will arrive but the math of it is inescapable. All we can do is prep the best we can, keep a low profile, have faith, and hang on tight because it is gonna be one helluva ride.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Now I’m getting hungry for a really nice hamburger. We don’t have a “Five Guys” around here, nor a “Culvers”. But there is a tiny little joint (seating for 6) that serves an excellent burger for less than $5.

    I’ve recently rediscovered HARDY’s burgers are actually EXCELLENT flavor & quality. Their 1/3 pound (called: Thick Burger) makes my mouth water. But the better price deal, special right now, is their double cheese burger (regular patties) for $2.50

    It’s hard to find anyplace that serves up a “best hot dog” (the natural casing-crunchy ones), on a steamed bun. The Burger King hot dog is pretty decent. And you know what I used to enjoy? The Drive-in restaurant (and drive in movie) FOOT LONG-skinny hot dog served in a cardboard gutter.

    Those were great!!! Chili or not…I loved em…and don’t forget an order of onion rings (Hardy’s has excellent onion rings).

    • Eric

      You mean Hardee’s? I thought it was all Carl’s Jr. now. Their burgers are pretty decent. The bacon double cheeseburger from Wendy’s I had for breakfast yesterday wasn’t bad. Hardee’s used to have the best cinnamon raisin biscuits.

      There’s no wienerschnitzel there? The Habit makes the best burgers around here as far as I’m concerned.

      My personal favorite is still my own mix… chopped onions real small mixed with Lea & Perrins, a little soy sauce and ground beef. It’s always the best when you make it yourself.

  • John Australia


    Australia is Govt Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC)
    Brittain Govt has BBC
    Has America got a Govt Website American Broadcasting Company? Is it telling the TRUTH?

    American loving Australian (Hell I love Russians too!)

    • Rdawg

      We have propaganda organs National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcast System (PBS).

      Hopefully the Trump Administration will shut these two entities down.

    • Ed_B


      Yes, we do have an ABC but it is a private network and not especially interested in the truth when they can press their idiotic agenda instead, while ignoring everything that does not fit their ‘all government all the time’ leftist propaganda agenda.

      As to having a special network for truth, it should possible to make use of American Forces Network for this. They specialize in broadcasting news and entertainment to our troops stationed overseas but they might be able to do the same here in the US. That would be good and I am sure would gather MANY viewers and listeners.

    • glitter 1

      The cores will never,ever be cleaned up,they will be entombed with pumped in concrete within the containment buildings and no one alive today will see it.

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